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Jayne "Mag" Magdalene, is a bionic-enhanced soldier who once worked under the Tactical Arms and Security Committee (TASC) when an undefined accident resulted in her losing both of her legs. With the enhancement she has gained the ability to not only walk once more, but also run at amazing speeds not capable by any living entity.

She is one of the survivors of the "Bionic Purge," as she and many other Bionics fled when they were outlawed. She joined "BioReign," a terrorist group who strongly supported Bionics. She has a great deal of hatred for TASC and the politicians who would take her bionic limbs and leave her disabled once again. Jayne believes that Bionics mean no harm to society and that the "Bio Purgists" are afraid of new technology.

She does not trust her former ranking TASC officer, Nathan "Rad" Spencer as she believes he is a puppet of the government that initiated the Bionic Purge Act. This thinking is re-enforced when she encounters him constantly throughout the events of the 2009 Bionic Commando, alive and taking orders from TASC.

Nathan Spencer considered "MAG" to be the best recruit he'd ever seen and was very impressed with her skills on the field.

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