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    Jean Grey

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    Jean Grey is a powerful mutant with telepathic and telekinetic abilities. She is one of the founding members of the X-Men, and is the most prominent avatar of the Phoenix Force.

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    Character History   

    Jean Grey is one of the founding members of the X-Men, a team of mutant superheroes formed under the leadership of Charles Xavier. Originally known as Marvel Girl, Jean was the first female member of the X-Men, and joined the team alongside Cyclops, Beast, Angel, and Iceman. Throughout the years, Jean Grey has served as the the X-Men's field psychic, as well as potentially acting as the team's most powerful member, while channeling the Phoenix Force. The vast amounts of cosmic energy harnessed within Jean as she serves as the Phoenix Force's avatar constantly tests her abilities, thus the Phoenix is not always a benefactor to the team. Though Jean Grey is currently deceased, after suffering at the hands of Magneto, the Phoenix Force is eternal. The X-Men know that one day Jean will rise from the ashes...

    Romantic Background   

    Jean Grey's long-time love affair was been with fellow teammate and founding X-Man, Cyclops. Throughout their relationship, which culminated in their marriage, there has been romantic tension involving Wolverine, who was also in love with Jean.  After Jean's death, Cyclops has moved on and is currently involved with Emma Frost, who has since taken the role of team psychic. 

    Skills and Abilities

    From the time that she developed her mutant abilities, Jean has had great potential for both telekinetic and telepathic powers. Though Professor Xavier placed mental blocks to limit Jean's psychic abilities, they have since been removed as her power matured. Her own control over her abilities coupled with access to the Phoenix Force cause her telekinetic and telepathic powers to be heightened dramatically. 


    Jean has the ability to influence the minds of others, the extent of which is greatly enhanced by access to the Phoenix Force. Jean is able to use her telepathic powers in a variety of ways, both defensively and offensively.
    Defensive telepathy: Jean is capable of obscuring her presence from the minds of others, as well as applying this power to others if she so chooses. In addition to this, Jean is also capable of creating psychic barriers to shield her own mind or the minds of others from psychic assault or probing. Jean can also create telepathic illusions to obscure her own appearance, or the appearance of nearby objects and surroundings.
    Offensive telepathy: Perhaps the most devastating of Jean's arsenal, her offensive capabilities using telepathy manifest themselves in a multitude of ways. Jean is able to take direct control of the minds of others, possess them psychically, induce psychic pain or terror, cause mental and physical paralysis, and render individuals unconscious. Jean is also capable of using psychic blasts to instill in a target incredible pain and anguish without causing any noticeable physical wounds. 


    Jean's telekinesis can be used to manipulate objects, as well as create concussive blasts and force barriers that can provide personal protection to her and her allies. As an avatar for the Phoenix, this control over the physical properties of matter extends to the subatomic level, where she is capable of disassembling and rearranging objects, and even individuals. 

    Using the Phoenix Force

    While using the Phoenix Force, Jean gain access to additional abilities, and her normal abilities are enhanced greatly.
    Immortality: As Jean and the Phoenix Force have an intimate bond with one another, neither can truly die. As long as the eternal Phoenix Force lives, the essence of Jean also lives. The Phoenix Force has shown to be capable of resurrecting Jean on numerous occasions. 
    Resurrection: The Phoenix Force's restorative abilities are not limited to Jean, and it is capable of resurrecting others as well.
    Interstellar travel: Jean is capable of traveling through space at speeds greater than the speed of light when channeling the Phoenix Force. 
    Pyrokinesis: Jean is able to summon cosmic flames when she is at one with the Phoenix, and the flames require no oxygen for sustenance. Jean is able to direct the flames through her will, and they consume only what she chooses to be destroyed.

    Appearances in TV shows

    Catherine Disher voices Jean in the 90's X-Men animated series. She marries Scott and is also the object of Wolverine's affection.

    Venus Terzo voices Jean in the X-Men: Evolution cartoon. She was a soccer star, a tomboy, and she struggled with  her growing powers over the 4 seasons of the show.

    In Wolverine and the X-Men, Jean is voiced by Jennifer Hale. Her disappearance (and apparent demise) turns Cyclops into a cold, detached character.

    Appearances in Movies

    Jean Grey is portrayed by Dutch actress, Famke Janssen, in the three X-Men movies.

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