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    The #1 Assassin in No More Heroes, and a personal nemesis to Travis Touchdown, even if he does not remember it.

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    Jeane is the #1 ranked assassin in No More Heroes. She is the final boss of the game if the player does not view the true ending. She fights using mixed martial arts.


    Jeane is Travis Touchdown's half-sister by the same father. The full details of her backstory are obscured by the game, which in a moment of acknowledging the fourth wall fast-forwards through Jeane's explanation of her relation to Travis and can only be understood if footage of the game is recorded and slowed down.

    Jeane's father ran away to be with Travis's mother, causing her own mother to become heartbroken and commit suicide. After moving in with her father's new family, her father molested her at a young age, knowing she had nowhere else to go. Jeane decided to become an assassin and kill her father, but since she had no money to pay for training, she resorted to prostitution. Meanwhile, her father raised Travis along with his mother like a normal family. After completing her training, Jeane returned and killed both her father and Travis's mother in front of little Travis's eyes.

    Travis finally meets Jeane at the end of the game when he prepares to confront the top-ranked assassin only to see Jeane swoop in and steal the kill, setting up the supposed final battle of the game.

    The game's instruction manual obfuscates Jeane's story, hiding her true nature. The manual's text states that she was "Once the object of Travis' love. They haven't met since the day they parted ways." Next to this description, there is a picture of Jeane wearing a sundress and sunhat in a peaceful field. Neither the description nor image appear to match what Jeane is like in reality.


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