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    Jed the Mechanic

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    Jed Wright (The Mechanic) is a psychopath, and must be defeated in order to complete Dead Rising 2: Case Zero.

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    Jed appears while Chuck is administering Zombrex to Katey, between the hours of 7 and 8 pm. He is the only psychopath encountered in Case Zero and is not optional. He appears to be excited by the prospect of Chuck's young daughter, eager to add her to what he refers to as "his collection", implying that he has claimed numerous victims. He expresses a fondness for killing zombies but also suggests that he enjoys killing humans (before and during the outbreak) - "Zombies are good huntin son, kinda like shootin people but without all the legal hassle" sic. When he gleefully threatens Katey, Chuck is forced to battle him to the death.

    During the fight with Jed taking place in the junkyard, Jed will either fire at the player from range, attempt to impale chuck with his pitchfork, holding him up and firing at him before throwing him, or burn Chuck's face with a blowtorch and kick him over. Jed will derisively refer to Chuck as a "zombie lover" (due to the fact that Katey is infected and Chuck is attempting to keep her alive) during the fight as well as shouting "come out little 'un" (sic). His weapons include the aforementioned blowtorch, attached to a fuel tank on his back, which is strapped to his chest using what appears to be a seat belt. His main weapon is the "boomstick", a shotgun which has been duct taped to the shaft of a pitchfork to create a bayonet-like implement. The combo card for this weapon is unlocked as a reward for defeating him, as well as the "Chop Shop" achievement. His self-made weapons suggest that, like Chuck, Jed is also a handyman of sorts and that despite his dimwitted demeanor he has at least some engineering capability.

    Upon being defeated, he berates Chuck in a cutscene, assuring him that he cannot protect Katey forever. He is then crushed by a falling car. Jed's theme is a remixed version of the song "The best it's gonna get" by the band Celldweller.


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