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    Jedi Exile

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    Meetra Surik, otherwise known as The Jedi Exile, is the main protagonist of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords. After Revan's disappearance and the near collapse of the Republic, Surik remains as the last Jedi.

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    The Jedi Exile is the main character of KOTOR II. The Exile has a customizeable appearance, can be either male or female, and has many different gameplay paths that can be taken. Due to this customizable gameplay, this article will attempt to tell only the general story, with as few specifics as necessary. The Exile is stated as canonically female, and for the sake of clarity, shall be referred to as such throughout this article.


    Females faces for the Jedi Exile
    Females faces for the Jedi Exile

    The Jedi Exile was a general who served under Revan during the Manadlorian Wars. She (The Exile is canonically female, although you can choose either gender in the game) was the one who gave the order to activate the Mass Shadow Generator on Malachor V, which ended the war, but also killed many innocent Jedi and Republic troops, in addition to all the Mandaloian shock troops on he surface. Through this action, the exile created an echo in the Force that led her to unconsciously cut herself off from the Force, so as to avoid the incredible pain caused by the death of so many.

    Following the Mandalorian wars, the Exile was the only Jedi who fought with Revan who avoided falling to the Dark Side and returned to face the judgement of the Jedi council, who cast her out of the order and took her Lightsaber from her. Following this cruel exile, she wandered the edges of space for a decade, learning to live without the Force and survived on the edge of civilization. However, needing bait to lure the Sith out of hiding once more after her failed efforts at Katarr, Jedi Master Atris orchestrated the Exile's return to known space, where she was attacked by Darth Sion near the Peragus mining facility.

    After being rescued by mysterious female Jedi master Kreia, the Exile took the Ebon Hawk and escaped the Peragus mining facility, along with Atton Rand and T3-M4, while under attack by Darth Sion. The four fled to the only location in the Ebon Hawk's navicomputer, Telos IV. On Telos IV, the party was detained by Citadel security for their possible involvement in the destruction of the Peragus II mining facilty. While Atton, Kreia, and the Exile were being detained, the Ebon Hawk and T3-M4 were stolen by one of Atris' handmaindens, who flew the ship to the polar academy on the surface of Telos IV.

    The Exile was proven innocent by the C-Sec investigation, but was "asked" to stay on-station while the Republic completed it's own investigation into the matter. Not intending to comply, the Exile found alternative transport off the station in a shuttle bound for the surface of Telos. However, this shuttle was shot down by a Czerka air-defense turret located on the planet's surface.

    On the surface of Telos IV, they met up with Bao-Dur, a Zabrak engineer who had served with the Exile in the Mandalorian Wars, and had actually designed the Mass Shadow Generator. Bao-dur offered to help them find their way to the Ebon Hawk in the polar regions of Telos. The party infiltrated an old abandoned military base, wherein they found a working shuttle, in addition to an HK-50 assassin droid. They rode the shuttle out to the polar plateau where Atris's academy was, but were shot down once more by a trio of HK-50 assassin droids, who attempted to apprehend the party immediately after the crash. The group fought and defeated the droids, and entered Atris's academy.

    Atris briefly detained the group, but let them go after ascertaining they had no evil intentions. After a heated argument with the Exile about the Mandalorian Wars, she let the group take the Ebon Hawk and leave. If the Exile male, the Echani Handmaiden Brianna will sneak aboard the Ebon Hawk here. While the Ebon Hawk is in hyperspace, T3-M4 reveals that he sliced into Atris's personal files and has a recording of the Exile's trial, after the end of the Mandalorian Wars. After watching the trial, T3 reveals that he has the locations of the five Jedi masters who sentenced the Exile, presumed to be the last alive. Atris was on Telos, Vrook Lamar was on Dantooine, Lonna Vash on Korriban, Kavar on Onderon, and Kez-Kai Eli was on Nar Shaada. The Exile sets out in search of these last masters to learn why they exiled her, and what lay in her future.

    During her travels, the Exile picked up many new companions, most of whom were Force-sensitive. By showing interest in their lives and their stories, the Exile eventually convinced Mira, Atton, Brianna, Mical, Bao-Dur, and Visas to become Jedi alongside her.

    On Korriban, the Exile discovered master Vash was dead at the hands of Darth Sion, and dueled with the Sith Lord there, but she escaped without injury, although Sion was not harmed either.

    On Dantooine, the Exile found the Jedi Academy in ruins, and a new government was struggling to hold itself up. The Exile found master Vrook captured by a group of mercenaries who were planning an assault on the new government. The Exile freed him, although he berated her for doing so. The Exile was approached by both sides for aid in the conflict, by Master Vrook and the government of Dantooine on one side, and the mercenary leader Azkul on the other. The Jedi Exile also found Mical in the sublevels of the Jedi academ here, studying holocrons. He joins the party if she is a female.

    Nar Shaada is overrun with refugees from the Jedi Civil War, and is full of bounty hunters looking to collect the bounty placed on Jedi by the Exchange. A pair of refugees on Nar Shaada will reveal a secret about Atoon's past to the Exile if she is travelling with him here. The Exile will also be invited to a meeting with the local crime lord Visquis, which turns outs to be a trap from which she is saved by the bounty hunter Mira (a friend of Zez-Kai Eli). After escaping, Mira joined the group and they helped save the Jedi Exile from GOTO by blowing up his yacht.

    Sometime during her tavels, the Exile was attacked by the Sith apprentice of Darth Nihilus, Visas Marr. After a brief duel aboard the Ebon Hawk, the Exile defeated her, but spared her life, convincing her to return to the light. Folowing this, Visas agreed to travel with the Exile, but swore she would not reveal Nihilus's location until she felt the Exile was strong enough to face him.

    On Onderon, the Exile arrived in the midst of a political strrugle, which forced her to land on the jungle moon of Dxun, the site of a fierce battle during the Mandalorian Wars. It was upon this moon that she learned of Mandalore Canderous Ordo's goal of reunifying the Mandalorian clans. She helped the Mandalorians with some issues around their camp, then boarded a shuttle for the surface, where she met with Master Kavar, but was forced off-world by an attack from the military, which was at odds with the monarchy. Sometime later, the Exile returned to Onderon, picking a side in the political struggle and fighting in the brief civil war on that planet.

    After locating all the Jedi Master's the Exile travelled to Dantooine, where her mentor Kreia revealed herself to be the Sith, Darth Traya. Traya immobilized the Exile and left her for dead, heading to Telos to talk to Atris briefly, then to Malachor V. The Exile followed to Telos, which was under attack by a Sith fleet led by Darth Nihilus. The Exile boarded his flagship, The Ravager, with a mandalorian strike team. While the Mandalorians assaulted the ship and placed detonation charges to blow it apart from the inside, the Exile, Visas Marr, and Canderous set out for the bridge to kill Darth Nihilus.

    On their way they were forced to plant an explosive charge where one group of Mandalorians had failed. Upon reaching the bridge of the Ravager, the group found Nihilus alone. They dueled fiercely, but in the end the Exile was victorious. Nihilus was defeated, and his body was claimed by the Dark Side. The group fled and detonated their charges, destroying the ship.

    Following this, the Exile journeyed to the Telos Academy, where she discovered Atris had fallen to the Dark Side. After being defeated in a lightsaber duel, Atris revealed that Kreia had headed to Malachor V.

    The Exile took the Ebon Hawk and headed to Malachor, where it crash-landed on the surface, scattering the crew and badly damaging the ship. The Exile fought her way through the canons of the planet, down to the Trayus Academy, a secret site of Sith learning which Kreia had used as an academy to teach Nihilus and Sion, and was now using as a base. The Exile fought through the academy alone, easily tearing through the resistance provided by Sion's henchmen, who had now once more allied himself with Kreia.

    Upon reaching the entrance to the core, the Exile confronted Sion himself, filled with rage. The two dueled, but every time the Exile came close to striking him down, Sion recharged himself with the dark energies flowing from the Trayus core. Eventually the Exiled persuaded him that giving in to death was better than living in agony, only held together by the force. Sion reluctantly agreed, and allowed himself to die, collapsing as he allowed the Force holding him together to vanish.

    With Sion vanquished, the Exile proceeded to the core where Darth Traya was waiting. The two spoke for a while, but ended up dueling. The Exile was far Kreia's superior in swordsmanship, but halfway through the fight Kreia began controlling three floating lightsabers with the Force, which she used to batter the Exile. Undeterred, the Exile eventually defeated the floating sabers and Kreia herself. Before she died however, Kreia, her powers amplified by the natural force energy in the Trayus Core, used the force to look into the future and tell the Exile what would happen to her companions, the worlds she had visited, and herself.

    Kreia told the Exile that she must abandon her friends and journey into the Unknown Regions, just like Revan, to combat the ancient threat that lay beyond the borders of known space. When the Exile was finished questioning Kreia, the old woman was allowed to die, and the Exile left aboard the Ebon Hawk.


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