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    Jeff Bell

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    Former Corporate Vice President of Global Marketing for the Interactive Entertainment Business segment at Microsoft.

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    Jeff Bell was the Corporate Vice President of Global Marketing for the Interactive Entertainment Business segment of Microsoft. This segment included the Xbox, Xbox 360 & Games for Windows businesses and was a part of Microsoft’s Entertainment and Devices Division. Jeff started his tenure under iconic marketer Peter Moore in June of 2006. Before his time at Microsoft, Jeff worked on global marketing initiatives for HBO, Jeep, Chrysler, and the Lara Croft Movie.

    Jeff Bell Trivia

    Jeff holds a master's degree in International Economics from Johns Hopkins University & an MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

    While at Microsoft Jeff produced several hugely successful mainstream marketing launch campaigns, including Gears of War, Halo 3, Guitar Hero III, & Rock Band.

    Jeff Bell became notorious in the gaming community after his E3 2007 appearance, where he used dubious and embarrassing street slang to talk to Heisman-trophy winning running back Reggie Bush while demoing Madden 08 during Microsoft's press briefing. Some choice quotes from the event include:

    BELL: "Why don't we show 'em that this game's got game like we started backstage, huh? We'll see this thing has incredible visuals, incredible speed, man. Almost as fast as you, but I dunno."

    BELL: "Alright, let's get it on."

    BELL: "You know what I'm sayin'?"

    BELL: "Pass or run? Pass or run? Pass or run? What's it gonna be? What's it gonna be? Alright, here we go! Here we go! Thirty-four, thirty-four!"

    BELL: "You schooled me on that one, brother. You did it, you did it!"

    Before the release of Mass Effect, a video featuring Jeff Bell and other Microsoft employees using the game's dialogue wheel in real life situations appeared on the internet. In the video, he allows another employee to eat a cookie sitting in the middle of their conference table, a decision he later regrets.

    Jeff Bell is also seen performing "Tom Sawyer" in falsetto at Rock Band's debut in Canada in 2007.

    Jeff Bell is known for his declaration that he has a "life long passion for consumer brand marketing." After leaving Microsoft, he formed a Venture Capital firm, NCT Ventures LLC, to do just that, investing in and selling Clearsaleing to eBay/GSI Commerce, and Embrace Pet Insurance to a private investor group.

    In July 2014, Jeff Bell was named Chief Executive Officer of LegalShield, the largest provider of legal and privacy management service subscriptions in North America.

    The Jeff Bell

    The Jeff Bell
    The Jeff Bell

    Jeff Bell became an iconic figure on IGN's Three Red Lights podcast because of his E3 2007 appearance, as well as subsequent marketing jargon filled interviews. In October of 2007, the IGN editors began using the receptionist's concierge bell, which they called "The Jeff Bell," during their podcasts. It would be rung whenever someone used cliche' marketing lingo on the podcast or were brave enough to utter the word "dawg."

    In November of 2007, listener ScottG13 presented the Three Red Lights podcast with an early Christmas gift of their very own engraved "Jeff Bell." The bell was received and used with glee for 7 months until the real Jeff Bell's disappointing departure from Microsoft. The beloved bell was laid to rest in an field just outside the offices of IGN on June 26th, 2008. It was later dug up by other IGN employees from another office and is rarely used on their tech and Nintendo podcasts.

    Jeff Bell was never invited to appear on the IGN's Three Red Lights podcast.


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