Hope everything turns out well

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#1 Posted by wordfalling (205 posts) -

Generally the expression "family emergency" has no good overtones. I've had to say it a few times and those were rough days. I don't use twitter and just wanted to start this thread to wish Jeff and family well over the coming days.

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#2 Posted by udabenshen (191 posts) -

Same here. Giant Bomb has helped me through rough times, and I hope for the best for Jeff and his family.

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#3 Posted by Jugglerman (62 posts) -

Indeed. Best of luck in troubled times.

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#4 Posted by Masha2932 (1336 posts) -

I hope it's nothing serious. I wish him and his family well.

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#5 Posted by Winternet (8397 posts) -

I just read his tweets. That's heartbreaking. I hope, whatever it is, that Jeff can come through it.

I wish him the best and he has my full support.

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#6 Posted by Tim_the_Corsair (3053 posts) -

Same here. I hope whatever it is turns out as well as it can.

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#7 Posted by Vinny_Says (5914 posts) -

I've had pretty awful family emergencies, it's literally the worst of times. Best of luck with everything, hope things turn out well.

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#8 Posted by wumbo3000 (1246 posts) -

Totally agree with everyone here. The community has got his back!

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#9 Posted by TheHT (14317 posts) -

Keep on truckin'.

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#10 Posted by Master_Funk (762 posts) -

Praying and hoping everything is OK. Love the GB crew so hope nothing terrible has happened.

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#11 Posted by Metal_Mills (3439 posts) -

Hope everything is ok Jeff. You got our support!

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#12 Posted by selbie (2450 posts) -

Best wishes Jeff.

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#13 Posted by byrjun (207 posts) -

Best wishes, Jeff!

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#14 Posted by Marokai (3577 posts) -

Sincerely hope everything turns out well, Jeff. Am also doubly glad that he made the decision to disclose it, as I feel like that's a positive development in terms of keeping in touch with, and keeping informed, the community you've created. We're all hoping for the best.

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#15 Posted by Adavani (11 posts) -

Hope all is well Jeff. All the best.

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#16 Posted by Wunder_ (1206 posts) -


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#17 Posted by IBurningStar (2273 posts) -

Jeff is an important piece of this site and all my sympathies go out to my fellow duder.

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#18 Posted by HadesTimes (950 posts) -

Best wishes Jeff, hope everything turns out all right.

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#19 Posted by poisonmonkey (463 posts) -

Best wishes Jeff, we are thinking of you mate.

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#20 Posted by Giefcookie (654 posts) -

Hopefully its going to be ok, lots of love to Jeff.

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#21 Posted by rawrsair (836 posts) -

Best wishes Jeff, hope everything turns out okay

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#22 Posted by LukewarmGravity (14 posts) -

Ditto to everything said so far,

Best wishes Jeff!

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#23 Posted by altairre (1492 posts) -

I agree with everybody here. Best wishes Jeff!

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#24 Posted by SeriouslyNow (8504 posts) -

Me and my CDTV wish you all the best Jeff.  Oh and the A500 says so too!

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#25 Posted by InfiniteSpark (376 posts) -

Best wishes Jeff!

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#26 Posted by MooseyMcMan (12541 posts) -

Good luck Jeff.

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#27 Posted by mylifeforAiur (3506 posts) -

All the best, Jeff.

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#28 Posted by plop1920 (531 posts) -

Sorry to hear this jeff, hope everything is okay!

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#29 Posted by Vexxan (4633 posts) -

@Wunder_ said:


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#30 Posted by DarkFury (451 posts) -

Best wishes, Jeff.

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#31 Posted by Firepaw (3053 posts) -

Hope everything works out for the better as soon as possible, so you can get past it and come back here being awesome ;D

Good luck Jeff.

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#32 Posted by Gatehouse (933 posts) -

As everyone above has said, best wishes Jeff, hope it's not too bad and the whole GB community's behind you.

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#33 Posted by amir90 (2243 posts) -

I hope it's nothing serious Jeff, come back when you are ready.

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#34 Posted by Dross (355 posts) -

We love ya, Jeff.

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#35 Posted by linkster7 (1248 posts) -

My thoughts are with you Jeff.

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#36 Edited by WetSawdustDemon (23 posts) -

Hope it's not serious. Hang in there dude.

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#37 Posted by hockeymask27 (3696 posts) -

Hope whatever the problem the is I hope it works at well. Best of luck Jeff.

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#38 Posted by ascholzk (290 posts) -

Hopefully it turns out OK. Don't worry about the site, come back when you are ready. Best wishes duder.

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#39 Posted by tracerace11 (317 posts) -

Your family is in our thoughts and prayers.

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#40 Posted by Creamypies (4169 posts) -

My thoughts go out to you and yours, Jeff! Hope everything works out okay!

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#41 Edited by TheUnsavedHero (1308 posts) -

It goes without saying that every Duder and Giant Bomber in this community consider the people who we let in our homes through our computers, Jeff, Ryan, Brad, Vinny, etc., as a part of our family. Some of us have been here since the beginning, knowing this website was something special. While others have joined after seeing the passion and dedication that the Whiskey family has always put into giving us entertainment and a place to go to when we need to unwind and laugh a little.

From our family to yours Jeff, we love you and we got your back through thick and thin. Hope all goes well.

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#42 Posted by Codeacious (957 posts) -

Threads like these make me so happy to be a part of this community.

Best of luck, Jeff!

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#43 Posted by ShadowKing7 (748 posts) -

Hope it's not too serious and everything works out for the best.

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#44 Posted by Aegon (7236 posts) -

I feel like it's inappropriate to make a thread like this if you have no idea what the emergency is. 

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#45 Posted by MacEG (282 posts) -

Hang in there Jeff.

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#46 Posted by RiotBananas (3822 posts) -

Not a great time for me either right now, not gonna spurt out the same clichés I've been getting for the last few days 'cause I know they mean nothing from the wrong people. All I'll say is take as long as is needed Jeff, the internet will still be here when you return.

@H2Oyea said:

I feel like it's inappropriate to make a thread like this if you have no idea what the emergency is.

Sort of this but he wouldn't have posted it on Twitter if he didn't think we should know.

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#47 Posted by BulletproofMonk (2748 posts) -

Wishing him well. I hope it's nothing serious.

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#48 Posted by LethalKi11ler (1665 posts) -

Hope it all goes well Jeff. Best wishes.

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#49 Posted by suntone (108 posts) -

@H2Oyea: While that may be the case, the staff of Giant Bomb and the Whiskey Media family have become close to its users and its users to each other. We see insights to their lives outside of what they write in their editorials or through reviewing games and grow familiar with them even if we do not know them 'in real life'. For this reason it would only I think that it would only be polite to offer any support or well wishes that we can give in any emergency to just about anybody on Giant Bomb.

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#50 Posted by Psycho_Rich (74 posts) -

All the best, duder. Our thoughts are with you.

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