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    Jeff Green

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    Jeff Green is a consultant for Hit Detection. Former editor-in-chief of and an Associate Producer in the Sims team. Previously, Jeff was the editor-in-chief of GFW magazine, and following the magazine's closure, the editor-in-chief of PC content at

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    America's Gaming Dad

    Jeff lives in Berkeley, California, very close to a Dollar Store establishment. He is married to his former French teacher and has a daughter, Sarah. Jeff also managed to break his computer monitor in frustration while playing Medal of Honor: Allied Assault and luckily for him his wife and daughter were not present to see him. He has also managed to put out a couch fire on the sidewalk.

    Jeff made a guest appearance on Bombcast 12-14-2010. This episode featured in-depth discussions about an adult-themed Bejeweled and the Doritos Game of the Year. He also made a guest appearance on Bombcast 11-12-2013, reprising his longtime role as a Bombcast understudy to Jeff Gerstmann.

    At Ziff Davis

    Jeff began working at Ziff Davis in 1991 and stayed at the company for 17 years. Beginning at Ziff Davis Press, Jeff moved to become a review editor at the Ziff-owned Mac magazine MacWEEK. As Ziff Davis Media published both MacWEEK and Computer Gaming World, Jeff was able to meet then editor-in-chief of CGW Johnny Wilson and cajole him into giving Jeff a job as an associate editor on CGW.

    Jeff worked on CGW through what he considered to be the peak years of magazine journalism, before the internet became prevalent as a source of gaming news. In 2001, Jeff became the editor-in-chief of CGW, and by 2004 had seen the departure of all of the staff who had been there when he had first started at CGW. He also began to lament that publishers had stopped giving away free naked girls to all game journalists at E3.

    In 2006, the CGW editorial staff began the CGW podcast as part of 1UP's podcasting initiative. Though initially met with by varying degrees of skepticism and bewilderment by the editors, the podcast grew to become incredibly popular and beloved by its listeners, who christened it "97.5 The Brodeo."

    In August 2006, Ziff announced that CGW would be replaced with Games For Windows: The Official Magazine. This re-branding exercise extended to the CGW podcast which became GFW Radio. Jeff revealed at PAX 09 that without the Microsoft deal CGW would have been closed, but sadly as Ziff Davis was unable to organize a piss-up in a brewery, GFW magazine printed its final issue in April 2008.

    Jeff and most of the Brodeo crew were kept on to work at The Brodeo podcast continued, and it was during this period that it emerged that not only had Jeff and fellow Brodeo cohort Shawn Elliot invented a fake editor who remained silent on the podcast called Ryan Scott, but they had collaborated to establish a Yaddle Milk farm.

    Leaving Ziff Davis

    It was announced by on September 4, 2008 that after 17 years with Ziff Davis Media, Jeff would be leaving to join the The Sims team at Electronic Arts.

    He took on the job of Associate Producer on the Sims label and worked alongside Rod Humble. Following his experience working on games, Jeff left the Sims team to become the editor-in-chief of Jeff listed a number of reasons for leaving including the closure of Games For Windows magazine and his distaste for the "hit-counter" aesthetic of web journalism, though he clarified that he left Ziff Davis on good terms. Green's departure, alongside Shawn Elliott's move to 2K Boston, signaled the end of "the Brodeo," the fan nickname for the popular 1UP podcast, GFW Radio. Jeff and Shawn have since gone onto record the Out of the Game podcast, as well as having a live GFW Radio reunion ( recorded by 1up) with the rest of the cast at PAX 2009.

    At Electronic Arts

    Jeff at one point was working on "dialogue" for the new game, in the The Sims franchise, MySims Agents . Jeff Green was employed at Electronic Arts to do social media and blogging work as well as hosting the EA Podcast.

    In August 2010, Jeff parted company with EA and the EA Podcast was discontinued in its current form.

    Popcap Games & Return to EA

    In September 2010, Jeff Green was named as Director of Editorial and Social Media for Popcap Games.

    In July 2011, PopCap was acquired by Electronic Arts, proving that you can try to get out, but they will always pull you back in.


    Jeff parted company with Popcap Games in November 2013 to pursue his lifelong goal of professionally speedrunning Dark Souls, Dark Souls II, and Bloodborne and occasional tutorials for Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm live in front of thousands of viewers on his channel on Jeff is currently employed at Hit Detection as a consultant for the video game industry.

    Facts and Trivia

    • In an Episode of GFW radio, Jeff Green made fun of Ryan Davis by saying he is like a Boomer from Left 4 Dead.
    • For a time, Jeff Green's daughter played a lot of World of Warcraft.
    • Jeff Green's daughter attended a wedding in World of Warcraft.
    • Jeff Green's wife is from France and is a school teacher.
    • From February 2015 to date, has had a spine injury that has rendered him unable to climb up the stairs of his own home to sleep in his own bed. Has a nurse named Mila who is taking care of him.

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