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The 1969 Sovereign is a fictional American luxury sedan produced by Jefferson Motors that is seen within Interstate '76 and its expansion, the Nitro Pack. Therein, it is the primary mode of transportation for Taurus, one of the game's primary protagonists and mentor to the player character, Groove Champion. Going from zero to sixty in 8.5 seconds, it is not as quick to accelerate as some of the game's muscle cars, nor is it as maneuverable, making the experience of driving more akin to piloting a boat than steering a high-performance vehicle. The Sovereign truly excels in firepower, as it can equip no less than four weapons on its front-facing mounts, allowing it to tear apart most vehicles unfortunate enough to venture in front of it. Its main weakness in regards to weaponry is a complete lack of any rear-mounted emplacements, making it somewhat vulnerable from the back side. This can be alleviated somewhat by its top mount, which is capable of holding a turret armament, though in general, it is best to attack head-on with the Sovereign.

Eloise, the Sovereign driven by Taurus, is known for its silver paint job and distinctive bull horn hood ornament. Taurus has yet to explain where the car's given name comes from, though there is a definite likelihood that it has some connection to the death of his family, the event which drove him to the vigilante lifestyle. During Interstate '76's main story mode, T.R.I.P., Taurus accompanies in Eloise for the introductory set of missions, while the player character drives the Piranha. In the fifth mission, the player must answer a distress call from Taurus, who is under attack from multiple creepers. Groove is able to reach Taurus in time to rescue him, but the same cannot be said for Eloise. Taurus and Groove escape the remaining creepers in the Piranha, leaving Eloise behind and pushing Groove to the forefront for the remainder of the story.

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