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    Jeffry McWild

    Character » appears in 18 games

    Australian fisherman and kick boxer in the Virtua Fighter series who uses raw strength and powerful grappling to crush his opponents.

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    Jeffry McWild is an aboriginal Australian fisherman who appears to practice Pancratium (an ancient Greek style of fighting that was lost awhile ago and later modernized based on historical readings and drawings, or so that one episode of Human Weapon on the History Channel said). Jeffry was the greatest fisherman in his village, until he met an 8-meter-long amphibious animal known only as the "Satan Shark." After being greviously wounded and losing his boat during one encounter with the Satan Shark, he decided to enter the World Fighting Tournament in order to win enough money to get a new boat and a sonar device and get revenge on that damn shark.

    Jeffry has been a member of the Virtua Fighter cast ever since the original game was released, often seen fighting without a shirt on and sounding angry and threatening during his opening and victory taunts.


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