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It is implied that Jericho chose not to continue the life of a raider due to old age, though he certainly seems to miss it. This is hinted by his line "Oh, I see how it is, old man can't keep up. I'll be at Moriarty's when you change your mind", which he says when fired by the player.

Like any other human companion in the game, Jericho can wear power armor without any sort of training.

If you place a cigarette, Pack of Cigarettes, or carton of cigarettes in Jericho's inventory, it will trigger a smoking animation from time to time.

Common in-game quotes

  • "Good to be out here again. Damn good."
  • "Damn, am I out of smokes again?"
  • "Goddamned cigarettes are getting harder to find!"
  • "I forgot how fucked up everything was out here."
  • "I think I've been here before."
  • "*Breathes heavily* Hang on... I just need to catch my breath.
  • "What the... did I step in something?
  • "*Coughs*...Dammit!"
  • ''*sigh*...This again....fine, I'll play along.

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