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    Jesus Christ

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    Jesus Christ is regarded as the Son of God in the Christian religion. He is also regarded as a prophet of God in the Islamic religion.

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    In Christianity

    In Christianity, Jesus Christ (Yesua in Hebrew) is regarded as the son of God and the human virgin Mary. The modern Anno Domini calendar system begins at the year that Jesus was thought to have been born. Raised by Mary and her husband Joseph, a simple carpenter, it is said that he lived a humble life in Palestine while using his godlike powers to aid those in need and to teach others about his true father.

    As an adult, Jesus was eventually arrested by the Romans and put to death by means of crucifixion. It is claimed that he then rose from his grave three days later to join his father in Heaven. Christians believe that Jesus Christ is the messiah, and that those that both confess their sins and believe that Jesus died for their sins will also ascend to Heaven.

    In Other Religions

    Christ's existence as messiah and savior, a core element of the Christian religion, is also one of the key points that differentiates it from other religions of the same origin. In Judaism, it is believed that Jesus is not the messiah and that in fact the messiah has not yet been born. In Islam, Jesus is not regarded as the son of God, but as a prophet of God much like Muhammad.

    In Video Games

    Christ has been depicted and referenced in a relatively small number of video games over the years. A number of these games are inherently religious in nature, such as Jesus of Nazareth or Bible Trivia. However, he has also appeared in more satirical forms such as in South Park Rally.

    Jesus cameos briefly in Xenosaga Episode III when Shion experiences the memories of Mary Magdalene.

    Pieces of Jesus's corpse are an item that can be collected by three characters (Johnny Joestar, Gyro Zeppeli, and Funny Valentine) as a power-up in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle. This comes from a major storyline in the manga's "Steel Ball Run" arc where the characters attempt to gather the Corpse Parts to strengthen their stands. Jesus is implied to, in that universe, actually be the first of the JoJo lineage (as Joshua, son of Joseph).


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