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    Jet Enduro

    Character » appears in 2 games

    A mysterious treasure hunter of few words who teams up with Virginia Maxwell in Wild Arms 3.

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    Jet is a cold-hearted loner who finds himself teamed up with Virginia Maxwell, Clive Winslett and Gallows Carradine after a botched train robbery. He scours the wasteland in search of treasure and doesn't let things such as personal attachments get in his way of finding it. He suffers from amnesia and can't remember any of his past except the man who taught him how the survive the wasteland. He has a fondness for peaches.

    It is later revealed by Leehalt Alcaste that Jet is an android named Adam Khadmon. He was created by Elliot Enduro, a member of the Council of Seven.

    Jet's ARM is the Airgent-Lamh B/V2 which is a type of machine pistol that acts as a mini gatling gun. He is also proficient with a boomerang which he uses to hit switches across distances.

    Jet makes an appearance in Wild Arms 5 as an NPC with a sidequest.


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