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    Jet Jaguar

    Character » appears in 9 games

    Jet Jaguar is a character often associated with the Godzilla franchise. He appears in some games featuring Godzilla as a playable combatant.

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    Jet Jaguar is a weaponized robot that shapeshifts from human-size to giant-size and is designed to fight monsters. He is an ally of Godzilla.

    Powers/ Abilities

    Jet Jaguar's main powers are as followed

    • increase size.
    • flight.
    • can clap hands to cause shock wave.
    • has flood lights for eyes.
    from left to right: Megalon, Gigan, Godzilla, Jet Jaguar
    from left to right: Megalon, Gigan, Godzilla, Jet Jaguar

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