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    Jet Pack

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    A Jet pack is a backpack with rocket boosters built in that usually allows the wearer to hover or fly.

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    A device, usually in the form of a backpack, which enables player characters to fly or hover. Usually included as a power-up or special equipment that a player can find or purchase while playing, jet packs tend to add new dimensions of gameplay or access to areas that otherwise wouldn't be available. Games that are based on the use of a jet pack can allow a greater sense of freedom and provide a more open world to explore and interact with than games without jet packs.

    Video Games

    Despite the concept of a jet pack being discarded by the military in the late 1960s, jet packs are often staples in most Sci-fi or post modern military themed games. Jet packs allow the player to reach previously unreachable areas or simply gain an excellent height and maneuverability advantage over their opponents. Jet packs are usually difficult to obtain due to their usefulness and slightly overpowered combat advantages. Some video games like Perfect Dark: Zero had jet packs with mounted machine guns which gives the user a massive advantage over their slower and less powerful foot slogging foes.

    Due to their usually erratic movement, the most popular weapons to use with jet packs are sub-machine guns and other such fast firing weapons. Common weaknesses of the jet pack are an exposed fuel source, lack of cover, or limited fuel. A common tactic in some games is to simply shoot the fuel tank of the jet pack which renders it into nothing more then a falling explosive with a human strapped on.


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