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The man only known as Khada Jhin is a psychopatic serial killer, who sees artistic beauty in his grotesque crimes. Working as a stagehand in a traveling theatre, he was responsible for a horrific crime series in the South of Ionia, that left its victims so cruelly disfigured that it was believed to be the work of an evil spirit. Jhin was eventually captured by Grand Master Kusho, his son Shen and a young, promising apprentice named Zed.

Throughout his long imprisonment, Khada Jhin revealed only little and less of himself. Yet his guardian monks noted that the courteous man proved to be an eager student as he mastered subjects like smithing, poetry or even dance. Despite their best efforts however, they could never cure him of his morbid fantasies and he remained a prisoner for many years.

That was until war stired the peace and balance of Ionia. As Noxus invaded their borders, the governing body fractured in bloodshed with secret alliances fighting for control. In desperation, one such party schemed to free Jhin to enlist his talents. With resources and power behind him, his stage is set, but one has to wonder how long Jhin will be content following his new masters' orders.

Overview and Playstyle

As a ranged marksman, Jhin follows a very unique play pattern due to his gun. Similar to Grave's shotgun, Jhin's rifle holds four bullets before it needs to be reloaded, with the last bullet always hitting for critical damage. Additionally, it fires at an (almost) fixed rate that can't be increased with items. Instead, any attack speed is converted into bonus damage, leading to devastating damage potentials in the lategame.

With no dashes or similar displacement abilities however, his low mobility has to be compensated by his team. In return, with his slowing traps in combination with a long-range root through Deadly Flourish, Jhin can catch out enemies from afar and finish them off with his ultimate from a safe distance.


Whisper (Passive): Jhin's gun fires at a fixed rate and has to be reloaded after four shots. The final bullet will always strike for critical damage and deal additional damage based on the target's missing health. Critical strikes grant Jhin bonus movement speed for a short duration, but his critical damage is reduced by 25%. Lastly, bonus attack speed and critical strike chance is converted into bonus damage.

Dancing Grenade: Jhin throws a grenade at a target that deals damage and bounces to up to three additional targets. Each kill with it increases its subsequent damage.

Deadly Flourish: Passively brands any enemy champions damaged by Jhin's basic attacks, his allies or trapped inside his Captive Audience ability. When activated, Jhin fires an extremely long-range projectile that stops at the first champion hit, but will damage any targets it passes through. If the champion hit is branded, Deadly Flourish will root the target for a short period.

Captive Audience: Scoring a takedown on a champion spawns a blooming Lotus Trap on their corpse. Jhin also stores up to two Lotus Traps, that become invisible after being placed. Enemies stepping onto the trap are revealed, triggering a slowing field that will explode after a short period.

Curtain Call: Jhin sets up his weapon in an arc in front of him while the camera zooms out. He then has ten seconds to place up to four long-range sniper shots that will collide with the first champion, damaging and slowing any target hit. The final shot will always critically hit. Curtain Call's cooldown is partially refunded for every unused bullet.


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