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In History

Jiang Wei first served Shu's rival, Wei, but a fateful battle against Zhuge Liang led him to defect to Shu. After his defection, Jiang Wei served in many battles against his former country. He was favored by Zhuge Liang for his resourcefulness as a leader and was promoted through the ranks quite quickly. Zhuge Liang's successor, Fei Yi, promoted Jiang Wei to be his chief assistant. After Fei Yi's death, Jiang Wei assumed his position.

He revived Zhuge Liang's campaigns against Wei, but failed. After repeated failed campaigns against the much more powerful state of Wei, Shu was drained of its resources. When a Wei army led by Deng Ai and Zhong Hui invaded Shu in 263, the weakened state was unable to drive them off and surrendered.

Jiang Wei attempted to revive Shu by convincing Zhong Hui to rebel against Wei. Unfortunately, many of Zhong Hui's own soldiers turned against them and both Jiang Wei and Zhong Hui were killed.

Portrayal in Romance of the Three Kingdoms video game series

In the Romance of the Three Kingdoms video game series, Jiang Wei is known as "Zhuge Liang's Scholarly Heir." He is one of the best officers in the game, being highly skilled in every attribute. He has many effective tactics and skills as well. In scenarios after Zhuge Liang's death, Jiang Wei receives the former's book, which grants an 8 bonus to intelligence (the largest intelligence bonus in the game).

Portrayal in Dynasty Warriors

In Dynasty Warriors, Jiang Wei is portrayed as a dedicated and intelligent youth who aspires to learn from Zhuge Liang and fulfill his dreams. He debuted in Dynasty Warriors 2 and remained throughout the series, with the exception of Dynasty Warriors 6.


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