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    Jim Chapman

    Character » appears in 2 games

    Jim is a male subway worker in Raccoon City. His ability causes him to feign death, making enemies ignore him.

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    Jim Chapman is one of the playable characters in Resident Evil: Outbreak! series.

    Jim was a subway employee of KBS (Kite Bros. Subways) in Raccoon City. He is funny, cheerful and kind, but he's a huge coward. He prefers to escape than deal with danger, teamwork is not a concept for him. Jim's Special Attack is to feign death, this will cause enemies ignore him  (at the cost of an increased rate of infection). He always carries a coin that he considers lucky. He is very optimist but he doesn't know how to control his emotions. He often talks, even when others aren't in the mood, getting on the nerves of his companions. 
    During the outbreak Jim is at J's bar working on a crossword puzzle. When the patrons of the bar realize that something in the town is not right, he and the others make a desperate attempt to escape the city.  He manages to get to The Raccoon City University campus were he and others are spotted by a rescue helicopter. Before he can escape the city however he is faced with a deadly B.O.W that escapes the labs in the University.
    Enemies tend to avoid Jim if there are other people in the room. 
    Jim's special Item in Outbreak is a coin that he flips. If he gets heads he has a 15% bonus chance of getting a critical hit with a handgun. If he gets Tails he loses the ability to get a critical hit. In Outbreak 2 he gets a lucky coin.  If he gets heads he gets a 5% chance of getting a critical hit and also a reduced chance of breaking weapons even when attacked by larger B.O.W'S.
    Upon completion of the level "Outbreak" on hard mode you will unlock a character called William, the bartender at J's Bar. He is essentially a full copy of Jim. Including same voice and same cut scenes as Jim.


    Jim is one of the few characters in the Resident Evil outbreak series to never be scripted to die in any of the scenarios.

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