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Jin first appears in the story when the crew is sent on a quest to get their truck reinforced at Earl's mechanic shop. The player must defend the mechanic while he is making the necessary additions. Shortly after, Earl reveals that he he has been bitten by an infected and that he will eventually turn into one. His last living wish is for the crew to take Jin away before he transforms, so that her final memory of him will be as the father who loves her, not as a shambling, murderous creature.

Jin's main goal in the game is to help the remaining survivors at the island. Though her intentions are good, she tries to communicate with the wrong group of survivors. The police station has been taken over by a gang of punks. Jin goes on a quest, without permission of the crew, to give the punks supplies. Jin is captured by the punks and it is implied that she is beaten and raped while she was hostage.

Near the end of the game, Mowen and the crew return to the mechanic's shop to look for supplies before they leave for the prison. After retrieving the supplies, Jin says there is one more thing she has to do before they leave. A cutscene shows Jin entering the Mechanic shop and killing her zombified father, directly going against his dying wish that she never see him in that state.

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