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Jinjo Village is a village located in the Isle of Hags and is the first location Banjo and Kazooie find in the Isle of Hags. Jinjo Village is the home of the alien like creatures called the Jinjos, however when Gruntilda, Blobbelda and Mingella drive out of Spiral Mountain they crash there way through Jinjo Village. They actully destroy the Grey Jinjo House and in doing so essentially kill the Grey Jinjo family, all of the other Jinjo's manage to escape. Banjo and Kazooie come across a gold castle like building and inside they find King Jingaling and his small pet/friend Toots. He asks them to track down the Jinjo's and return them to Jinjo Village. Everytime you find all of the same coloured Jinjo's you get a Jiggy. There is also a hidden secret in Jinjo Village, at the entrance to Jinjo Village if you go right and climb up the small ledge and jump up and go along another ledge. You will find a cave, and inside the cave is a Banjo-Kazooie N64 Cart, if you break it open you will find an Ice Key.  
It is unknown if the Jinjos still live in Jinjo village as in Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts King Jingaling runs his own bingo parlor, and the Jinjo's have there own houses in Showdown Town.

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