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    Jiro Musashi

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    Protagonist of Shinobi 3D on the 3DS and father of Joe Musashi.

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    The future is unknown, the past is done, there is only now.

    Jiro Musashi is the protagonist of Shinobi 3D on the 3DS and is the father of Joe Musashi, the protagonist of the original 1987 Shinobi.

    Like his son, Jiro is a member of the Oboro Ninja Clan, but is actually an ancient shinobi from Japan's Kamakura Period. While serving as an imperial shinobi in service to Japan's emperor, Jiro's village and clan are attacked by the Zeed Ninja Army. Although Jiro defeated the attackers, an attack from space obliterates his home, and the clashing energies from the blast and Jiro's mystical barrier send him spiraling 800 years into the future, where Zeed rules the world. Now trapped in the year 2056AD, Jiro fights to avenge the loss of his clan and bring order back to this chaotic alternate universe.
    *Due to the Temporal Shift Joe Musashi doesn't exist in the 20th Century, and will be born to Jiro in the late 21st Century


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