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    Joan of Arc

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    A 15th century French heroine that won several important battles in the "Hundred Years' War". Burned at the stake by the English when she was nineteen.

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    Joan was a mere nineteen years old when she was executed.
    Joan was a mere nineteen years old when she was executed.

    A patron saint of France, It is understood that Joan of Arc was born in around 1412 to a peasant family in Domrémy. As a young girl Joan claimed to have had visions that told her to save what would later become France and drive the English from her lands. It is understood that those she had seen in these visions were that of the Saints Michael, Catherine and Margaret.

    Joan led the French army to a number of victories during the Hundred Years War against the English, including the lifting of the Siege at Orléans, where her title of "The Maid of Orléans" comes from. However Joan was captured by the Burgundians in 1430 and sold on to the English who put her on trial for heresy. Found guilty, Joan was burned at the stake at Rouen in 1431.

    A number of years after her execution, Joan was declared innocent and a martyr by the Catholic Church. She was subsequently made a saint in 1920.

    As a major historical figure, Joan has featured in a number of video games, such as a leader for the French in the Civilization series and features prominently in Bladestorm: The Hundred Years' War, which is based around the time of her exploits. Games such as Jeanne d'Arc and Wars and Warriors have also been made based around the life of Joan herself.

    In Video Games

    Bladestorm: The Hundred Years' War

    Joan of Arc first appears when the player reaches Three-Star Fame as a young woman who wishes to help defend her village in France from the English invaders. French soldiers however mock her, as women were not allowed to fight during that time. She fights anyway, and during the defense of her village other soldiers praise her for her skills as she manages to repel members of the English army on her own. From this point she is mentioned by others frequently and gains a positive reputation among the French and comes to be feared by the English.

    Once the player reaches Four-Star Fame, the player will again see Joan of Arc while fighting for the French in the Battle of Orleans. She manages to defeat many English officers, including John Fastolf and John Talbot, two of England's best officers. She wins the battle for France as the English forces retreat. She then gains the title, The Maid of Orleans, and referred to as an angel, as many believe she will end The Hundred Years' War with France being the victor.

    Throughout the player's four-star fame battles, the King of France will grow to detest Joan of Arc, as she steals his glory from him. Joan, however, becomes very stressed over the amount of attention she receives and starts performing worse in battle. The English eventually capture her and she is held in a tower in Normandy, awaiting to be burnt at the stake. The player then receives a mission to rescue her with the aid of La Hire and Gille de Rais, two of her best officers. The player and her officers manage to rescue her and save her from her historical fate.

    After the rescue, Joan realizes that she must carry on and win the Hundred Years War for France. Shortly thereafter, the final battle in the game becomes available to play, and she gives the player command of her army. The player will win the war for her by driving the English forces out of France and back to England.

    Warriors Orochi 3

    The Bladestorm incarnation of Joan of Arc makes a special appearance as a playable character in Warriors Orochi 3. During the course of the story, she travels back in time to rally the French soldiers that ended up in the Orochi World with her and save Magoichi Saika and the Saika Renegades from the forces of Kiyomori Taira.


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