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Break Bones and Records, Not Controllers 1

      Swimming/drowning is not a trick in Joe Danger. Avoid it whenever possible. Something about Joe Danger seems to attract crowds. Passerby -- though rare, considering I'm playing in my basement -- can't help but stop and stare, at least for a little while. They'll leave after I botch my 110th (the game counts your attempts) try at landing on a target and successfully ducking under the hurdle right next it, but the fact that the game caught their attention at all is praiseworthy. I wouldn...

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A Surprisingly Deep Arcade Racer 0

 Joe Danger, at its core, is an arcade racer that owes a lot to ExciteBike on the original Nintendo. Of course, current gamers demand more than ExciteBike could ever have delivered in 1986, and Joe Danger obliges them with local and online multiplayer, as well as a simple and powerful level editor/creator. But let’s focus on the single player campaign for the moment. Most downloadable titles offer up a couple hours of solid gameplay, giving completionists perhaps another 6-8 hours to earn all T...

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Joe Danger is a solid arcade game with crisp comical visuals and gameplay that’s satisfying in 5 min chunks to hour-long gaming sessions.First off Joe Danger’s gameplay is a unique, great hybrid of platforming, racing, and puzzle-like physics gameplay. For those unfamiliar with Joe Danger from its previous release on the PSN it’s easy to compare most of its core gameplay with Trials HD. Those were my initial impressions as well except the game has more of a platform feel with the physics gamepla...

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Danger is the name 0

Joe Danger is one of the few top high profile PSN games. Developed by four man team Hello Games and was released in 2010. This was a good year for indie games and Joe Danger is no doubt right on top of the best games list. Would have done even better had it not been a PSN exclusive game. Gameplay for this light hearted arcade racer/puzzle might not be the most original one. Excitebike from 1984 already had the same idea. Recently games like Trials HD and countless Flash games have done also the...

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Joe Danger Review 0

By - Craig H.Joe Danger mixes aspects of Trials HD and Excite Bike to create a fun and engaging motorcycle game that is well worth the price. Joe Danger is a beautiful game that is colorful and a joy to watch. The presentation is top notch and the controls feel great from the first time you pick up the controller.Joe Danger was the best stunt driver until a severe accident knocked him from the top. Now that he has recovered he wants to return to his glory days and become the top stunt driver onc...

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Meet Joe, a classic, huge-chinned and cape-wearing stuntman on his way back to the top of the stuntman scene.  At his events, he likes to traverse (or avoid) deadly, yet beautiful, obstacles like ramps, bombs, boost pads, moving platforms, and even a few loopty loops along a three-laned linear path.  During said events, he races against the clock, collects coins and stars, or tries to nail a perfect combo while on his classic (gameplay wise, anyway) tilty motorcycle.  Joe's game is awesome.  The...

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