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Joe & Mac 2 is a semi-non-linear platform game playable by one or two players. Each of the stages is a sidescrolling prehistoric region filled with hostile dinosaurs and frenzied cavemen. The stages themselves are mainly linear, but after the first stage is completed the remaining can be completed in any order, and also re-challenged. Money found in stages can be spent on powerups, refurnishing Joe and/or Mac's homes, or wooing a girlfriend for either character.

Joe & Mac can both jump, attack with their club, and climb vines. After eating food to regain health they can also spit out seeds or bones for a short time. These act as ranged attacks. The club can also be temporarily powered up to deal more damage and shoot shockwaves.

Outside of the US, this game was known as Joe & Mac 3: Lost in the Tropics, properly acknowledging the existence of Congo's Caper, the second game in the Caveman Ninja line.

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