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    Joe Musashi

    Character » appears in 30 games

    Joe Musashi is a ninja who appears in many of the games of Sega's Shinobi series.

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    Joe Musashi was created by Sega's Noriyoshi Ohba in 1987 and is the protagonist of the original Shinobi series of arcade and video games (Shinobi I to Shinobi III). Joe is given many different forms of attack including: ninjitsu spells, charge attacks, and shuriken tossing.

    Shinobi (1987)

    Joe's mission is to rescue the kidnapped children of the Oboro clan and to topple a crime syndicate known as Zeed by defeating it's powerful leaders, the Ring of Five. With his mission completed and the syndicate brought to its knees Joe's reputation grows and he is dubbed "the Super Shinobi".

    The Revenge of Shinobi (1989)

    The evil crime syndicate, now reformed under the name Neo Zeed, draw Joe out of retirement by butchering his Oboro clansmen and kidnapping his fiancee Naoko. Joe's dying mentor gives him the information on Neo Zeed and Musashi sets out to take revenge for his clan and save his beloved.

    Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master (1993)

    Neo Zeed, thought to have been vanquished 2 years earlier has returned and is being led by a mysterious dark ninja known as "The Shadow Master". Joe, now the chief of the Oboro clan departs from the Oboro village to drive the final nail in Neo Zeed's coffin.

    Other Appearances

    While Joe only appears as the main protagonist in the first 3 Shinobi adventures, he is an unlockable character in the PS2 games Shinobi and Nightshade.


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