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Joseph 'Joe' Swanson is Peter's handicapped neighbour and circle of friends along with Quagmire and Cleveland and a full-time Police Officer. He is married to his wife Bonnie and has two children son Kevin and later new-born daughter Susie Swanson made her first appearance in Ocean's Three and a Half.

Joe made his first appearance in Season 1, Episode 5: A Hero Sits on Next Door as he and his family wife Bonnie and son Kevin all moved to Quahog, Rhode Island as they meet Peter and Lois for the first time as they became next-door neighbours and closet friends, while his son Kevin looked very much like his father was Meg's first love interest as they both developed a relationship time to time before he actually became a U.S. Soldier to fight Iraq.


Joe is a full time Police Officer which is toughest job for him trying his best to arrest people, but lacks his judgement while he completly handicapped in his wheelchair as the reason why he is stuck being disabled because of his witnessing suspect Bobby Briggs shot him in his legs years ago as his present day for tracking him it's payback time in episode Joe's Revenge!.


Joe's best friends are Peter, Quagmire and Cleveland as they all hang out and drink together at the Drunken Clam sharing their friendships with each other, sometimes get into a mockery with each other and sharing some goofy adventures like in one episode they become Sea Veterans led by Glenn Quagmire who became an Elite Officer for serving his country for generations.

Joe has complex relationships with his family, mainly his wife Bonnie has to take care of him for the rest of her life for her husband Joe being handicapped in a Wheelchair, even with his son Kevin's relationship with him is quite temperamental and generally loves Susie. However Joe and Bonnie still care for each other as their children would appreicate them in ways and terms for Joe.

Voiced by: Patrick Warburton

First Appearance: A Hero Sits on Next Door


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