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    One of the main protagonists of Naughty Dog's video game The Last Of Us, Joel is voiced and mo-capped by Troy Baker.

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    Joel is a middle-aged man in his late 40's who lived a particularly average and cordial life before the plague; since the international apocalypse struck, however, he has crossed numerous moral lines and has now been called "a violent thug, a brutal killer, and a torturer." Undeniably cold-blooded and merciless, Joel is primarily helping Ellie travel across the US because of a request from a dying friend, made just before the pair broke out of a tight, military-supervised quarantine zone for currently unknown reasons.

    Coupled with this now roughened sense of consciousness, Joel also has no quarrels with killing people to survive, even if they beg for mercy. Despite having been able to keep his tragic past locked away in his later years as an apathetic smuggler in the post-apocalypse, Joel struggles to contain them once he embarks on his journey with Ellie.


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