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    John Bain

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    John Bain, or TotalBiscuit, was a popular video game commentator, critic and YouTube personality.

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    John, also known as TotalBiscuit, TotalHalibut and The Cynical Brit, was one of the most popular video game personalities that has emerged on YouTube. Primarily a PC gamer, Bain was well-known for his professionalism and for his well-thought out content that set him apart from the majority of personality-based YouTube channels. John fought a long battle with cancer and passed away on May 24th, 2018, at the age of 33.


    Originally a World of Warcraft channel, John diversified and had a variety of shows that he posted on his YouTube channel. His show 'WTF is...' is one of YouTube's most popular first impressions gaming series. He also answered user emails in 'The Mailbox' and talked about gaming news on 'Content Patch'. Some of his most popular videos are lengthy discussion videos where he talked in-depth about important subjects in gaming and in internet culture (for example, his videos on SOPA, pre-ordering, the controversy surrounding Mass Effect 3 and his experiences with censorship on YouTube).

    John also hosted the Co-Optional Podcast with co-hosts Brooke Leigh Lawson and Jesse cox. The podcast usually runs for 2.5-3.5 hours per episode.


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