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    John Crawley

    Character » appears in 7 games

    John is an SNK character. He first appeared in Art of Fighting.

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    John Crawley is a Captain in the United States Navy. He is friends with Mr. Big who saved his life after he had been shot in the back. After retiring from the US Navy he joined Mr. Big's syndicate. He was part of the conspiracy to abduct Yuri Sakazaki and was challenged by Ryo Sakazaki & Robert Garcia on the aircraft carrirer: The Guardian. After he was defeated he was forced to reveal that Mr. Big was located at the Factory.

    Crawley would compete in the first King of Fighters tournement the following year.


    John Crawley is a martial arts instructor testing his skills in the Art of Fighting Series . In Art of Fighting, only the main characters Ryo and Robert could be picked for the single player game and thus he was only accessible during 2 player versus games. He was a favorite pick among the arcade gamers due to his speed and high damaging special moves.

    In the single player game, either Ryo or Robert would confront him after defeating Micky the boxer. After his defeat John reveals important information about the captive sister of Ryo, which eventually leads to the final boss confrontations.

    In Art of Fighting 2, John returns as a playable character most of his tough moves get nerfed. He has some hilarious pre-fight dialogues with the other characters, especially with the ladies. After beating the final boss, he is offered a job in the military. But he declines to be with his girl friend instead. Art of Fighting 2 is the last game to feature John Crawley.

    Fighting Style

    John Crawley uses a very acrobatic fighting style with various kicks & strikes. It seems to be inspired by Savate, Boxing and wrestling.


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