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    John Donovan

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    Former C.I.A. agent who assists Lincoln Clay's mob war.

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    John Donovan is a supporting character in Mafia III. He is an old friend of Lincoln Clay and both served during the Vietnam war. Donovan assists Lincoln in order to get revenge on Sal Marcano, utilizing his skills as a C.I.A. agent to eavesdrop on and locate members of the Marcano crime family.


    In 1953, John Donovan became a graduate of Princeton University and would soon be recruited into the Central Intelligence Agency as a paramilitary operations officer. As an operative, he was stationed in Vietnam where he ran covert operations against the North Vietnamese Army as well as Viet Cong forces. During an op in April 1966, Donovan meets Lincoln Clay, who would soon distinguish himself as a Corporal on the battlefield. Donovan would continue to work with Lincoln and the two would become close friends and colleagues during their time in Vietnam.

    Mafia III

    A few months after Lincoln was betrayed by Sal Marcano, he recovers and asks Father James to call John Donovan.


    John Donovan was called before the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence in August 1971 to testify about his knowledge of Lincoln Clay's mob war.

    As the hearing is coming to a close, Donovan asks Senator Blake where he was when John F. Kennedy was assassinated. The Senator attempts to avoid the question, stating he believes he was at home. Donovan reveals he was stationed in Vietnam, brutally torturing an old woman because her son was an NVA officer and hurting her was the only way he would talk.

    Senator Blake attempts to interrupt Donovan, but he continues and mentions that the NVA officer revealed information that saved an entire platoon of men. Senator Blake tries to shut down the conversation and end the hearing, but Donovan tells him to sit down and shut up.

    Donovan explains that he did a lot of terrible things over in Vietnam, but he only did them because he believed in what the nation stood for. For him to be sitting sitting in mud, with an old woman's remains scattered around him, and to hear that the President of the United States had just been murdered, he realized that he wouldn't let that stand and would make it right no matter how long it would take.

    Growing restless, Senator Blake asks Donovan what he's saying, to which he replies that Sal Marcano and a group of conspirators were involved with the assassination of President Kennedy. The Senator laughs it off and replies that this is the most absurd thing he's ever heard. Assuming he would say that, Donovan retrieves a silenced pistol and holds the Senator at gunpoint. Donovan explains that Senator Blake was an ambitious person, going to law school, then becoming a district attorney, and then a United States senator.

    As Donovan approaches the Senator, with the gun still pointed directly at him, he explains that after Sal died he went over his files. Soon after reading over the case files, Donovan would realize that Senator Blake's name was prominently featured in the files. The mob wanted President Kennedy dead, and Senator Blake wanted to help. With the cameras still rolling, and in front of several key witnesses, Donovan states that he wants people to know that he isn't finishing with Senator Blake and that everyone else involved with President Kennedy's assassination are next. Donovan then fires a shot into Senator Blake's chest, before finishing him off with a headshot.

    Turning towards the camera, Donovan waves his gun at the remaining committee members - implying that they're next. He then laughs and excuses himself out of the room.


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