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 McCain being captured by the Vietnamese
 McCain being captured by the Vietnamese
Throughout American history there has always been a McCain fighting in a war, dating back to the Seven Years war. John McCain is no different. He served in the Navy for twenty years after graduating from the U.S. Naval Academy at Anapolis. McCain was born in Panama in 1936, because his father, also a naval officer, was stationed there. McCain fought for the United States in the Vietnam war. In Vietnam McCain's platoon was shot down, and McCain was badly injured. McCain was taken prisoner by the Vietnemese, and was tortured as his form of interrogation. McCain wouldn't give in. McCain had broken every bone in his body, and couldn't even feed himself. When the Vietnamese found out that McCain's father was an Admiral they were willing to let McCain go. McCain refused, saying that he wouldn't leave without his comrades. McCain stayed an additional two years in captivity, and retired from the military when released.

McCain ran for Congress after leaving the military, and then shortly after, the Senate. In 2000 McCain ran against George W. Bush for the Republican Nomination for President. In 2008 McCain won the Republican nomination by a landslide victory. He was recently running for President of the United States against Barack Obama, but lost the election to him. His vice-presidential nominee was Sarah Palin.

McCain is married to Cindy McCain, and they have six children, two of which are serving in the United States Armed forces.

McCain has appeared in Political Machine 2008 alongside Barack Obama and other presidential hopefuls. 

NBA Jam 

Continuing the tradition of the original game, NBA Jam features several politicians as secret characters. John McCain appears on a team with fellow Republicans including George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, and Sarah Palin.  

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