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    John Mullins

    Character » appears in 3 games

    The protagonist of the first two installments in the Soldier of Fortune franchise. He likes removing limbs.

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    John Mullins is the player character in Soldier of Fortune and Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix. He is a Vietnam veteran working for an organization known as "The Shop", a private military group that undertakes black-ops missions in hotspots around the world. The character is based on Raven Software's own military consultant, John F. Mullins.

    Background Information of the real John F. Mullins.

    John F. Mullins is a real person. He was born and raised in The United States. He enlisted during the Vietnam war in 1963 and quickly rose up the ranks. Working with Special Forces he was highly decorated as a war hero. After the war he became a contractor, and went on black-ops, most of which he says he cannot talk about. He founded a company named Longbow in 1990 and developed special weapons. He wrote a couple of war novels which were published as well (Bayonet Skies series). He currently works as a consultant to companies, and did the consulting for Raven Software on the original Soldier of Fortune games. After sharing his experiences with the developers, Raven employees thought it would be cool to have a real Soldier of Fortune as the main character, to which Mullins agreed. In an interview following the release of the first SoF game, Mullins stated that he would like to see real life weapons and tactics be brought into the second game, which was done.

    • He is voiced by Todd Susman in both games.
    • His favorite weapons are known to be the M16 and the M203 in real life.
    • The way his facial features appears in the game is based off Mullins' photos during the Vietnam War. John Mullins is now much older, and looks very different than the way he did back then.
    • Spoiler: Both of John's partners during the original SoF games, Hawk and Taylor, are killed in the games. The only surviving friend of Mullins is Sam, the undercover bookstore owner.

    Weapons of Soldier of Fortune

    The weapons he uses in the first game have fictional names but are based on real life weapons, which are;

    Players of the original SoF games will notice a striking physical resemblance between John Mullins and the later-created Captain Price in the Call of Duty series. They both have light hair, the same type of moustache, a boonie hat, and similar looking faces. Whether Infinity Ward used Mullins as a base for building Price is unknown.


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