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    John T. Drake

    Person » credited in 29 games

    John Drake is the Vice President of Business Development and Licensing for Games at Disney. He was formerly the Director of Portfolio Strategy at PlayStation and Director of Publishing and PR at Harmonix.

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    Claims he "can dance Ryan Davis into the fucking ground" any time. Despite that claim, John was forced to eat his words in a Dance Central interview / dance off. (When describing his relationship with Ryan Davis) "We're like the peanut butter and chocolate of journalism and PR.

    Fun Facts

    • Thought he could beat Ryan Davis at Dance Central. He was wrong.
    • Fell asleep on the couch during the Big Live Live Show: Live!. Will Smith accidentally woke him up.
    • Fell asleep again in the Big Live Live Show: Live 3.
    • Is a member of the band The Main Drag, which has Rock Band DLC available via Rock Band Network.
    • Engaged to fellow game journalist Andrea Rene in October 2015.
    • Was once one of the few people on the Giant Bomb wiki to be credited with a negative number of games.
    • Has played a fair amount of Game Dev Story on the toilet.
    • The "T" stands for "Thomas".
    • According to statements made by John Drake and Eric Pope on The Big Live Live Show: Live 3, John Drake has an iPad mounted in his shower so he can watch Quick Looks while he showers.
    • Saw someone die on a plane.

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