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    John Wick Hex

    Game » consists of 7 releases. Released Oct 08, 2019

    John Wick Hex is an action-oriented strategy game that makes you think and strike like John Wick, the professional hitman of Lionsgate’s critically acclaimed film franchise.

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    When Winston (Ian McShane) and Charon (Lance Riddick) are held captive by a man named Hex (Troy Baker), John Wick (based on Keanu Reeves, but unvoiced in this game) tears through a series of locations across New York and Switzerland to dismantle Hex's international criminal operation before killing Hex himself.

    The game story is told largely in medias res.

    Actions in the game are tracked via a series of timers, to give players a glimpse of the split-second tactical decisions that Wick must make. Whether to take a longer time lining up a damaging shot, or to disarm a close enemy, or to roll and attempt to dodge incoming fire, and similar actions. Wick starts out each map with a custom 9mm pistol with one spare magazine. After using the gun, Wick can pick up weapons from fallen enemies to increase his odds of success, but most of these weapons will not have spare ammo outside of what is left in the weapon itself.

    By completing certain objectives, Wick can earn gold coins to spend on upgrades or planting fresh weapons or medkits in certain parts of the level during the "planning" stage.


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