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A fun but unremarkable Max Payne clone 2

Stranglehold (or John Woo Presents Stranglehold, to give it its unwieldy full title) is a quite unremarkable third-person shooter which is mostly fun, sometimes frustrating and always tongue-in-cheek. Stranglehold is the sequel to Hard Boiled, John Woo’s 1992 action film extravaganza, and it again follows the insubordinate, roguish Detective Tequila (voiced by Yun-Fat Chow) as he must find and save his old love interest, Billie, and their daughter, Teko. In theme, the game is highly derivativ...

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this what you play to vent, after watching face off 0

Stranglehold isn't innovative by many standards at all. Let's get that out of the way. It's a 3rd person shooter 'bout a cop in Hong Kong takin out oodles and oodles of baddies. Original? Not so much. It's certainly been done to death in the movies, and it's all been done before in video games. However, much in the way that Watson and Crick did when they unlocked the final mysteries behind DNA, John Woo and Midway have managed to stand on the shoulders of giants in innovation and have built some...

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The Same Old Gun and Dance 0

If your looking for a repetitive, bland storied shooter then boy is this the game for you! While the game does have it's ups (shooting a sniper in the junk from 100 meters back anyone) while the action is mostly just hanging around center.     The game is only around 7 hours of jaw dropping trigger mashing. The shooting elements are fun however mind numbing at the middle of the game. The damage physics are pretty good with dinosaurs blowing up real pretty and a reward for the more destruction yo...

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A Love Letter to Real Action Fans 0

“Stranglehold” was released back in 2007 and after all these years it still absolutely and totally rocks. The game has not aged a bit and I would dare to say that it was even ahead of its time in its destructive environment and non stop action.“Stranglehold” is a sequel to the movie “Hard Boiled”, an action cult favorite and the game manages to successfully mimic the style perfectly in intense and stylish shootings.The story is simple and basically an excuse for the action but its decent enough...

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It's short, but it is fun. 0

This game is not perfect. It is short, sometimes very repetitive, and the multiplayer is not that good. But it IS fun. Through the approximate six to eight hours you can stretch this game out to, you will have a blast. Featuring a great opening level, players will be immersed in the game very quickly, but after awhile, they will realize that it is all more of the same. Sometimes repetition can be good, however, and the gameplay in general is very tight. Controls are wonderful, and very easy to p...

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Stranglehold Not Worth Your Time 0

I didn't finish Stranglehold.  There are games that I never finish because I didn't find the time, but I always think, "I should go back and finally finish that one."  Stranglehold isn't one of those games.Now remember that I'm not a professional reviewer.  I can respect that they are expected to play through the entire game before submitting their final score.  But for someone like me, who's just a regular dude, I think there's value in saying that I didn't find it worth my time to keep playing...

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Tequila Shooter 0

Hard Boiled  John Woo and Chow Yun Fat bring you back into the world of the hard-boiled Officer "Tequila" Yuen. The combination of a good-looking shooter with driven story works well, and takes you back to the Max Payne era in more than one way. Diving, jumping and shooting in slow-motion can get tiresome after a while, especially through some missions that get overly tedious, but a good mix of game-mechanics and well directed cut-scenes are enough to hold your interest up...

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John Woo presents Stranglehold 0

 John Woo presents Stranglehold is a weird game. It is supposed to be the spiritual successor of the infamous Hard Boiled, and in some strange way it manages to do that. The story is pretty simple, just like it was with movie, but it was never about the story in the movie, was it? It’s all about the action in this one, and if it wasn’t for some technical flaws and lack of ideas this game could have been the hit it should be. The biggest problems here are poor enemy AI and bad hit detection. The ...

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Fun is number 1 priority in this game. 0

I just beat John Woo presents: Stranglehold about 15 minutes ago, this games alot of fun I would have preferred to play it with a controller if mine hadn’t broken I would have but the mouse and keyboard works fine except I hate how they change the mouse speed when your in holdups it sucks because im so used to how far my mouse moves when I move it an inch that I cant get a hit so i have to do those sequences many times over. The cover system is great just as good as Uncharted: Drakes Fortune or ...

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Good overlooked game. Tech is especially impressive 0

It has been a long time since Max Payne 2, and Max Payne 3 is still a while away. In the meantime, we have Stranglehold, a fine action game that matches and in some ways, exceeds the cinematic carnage of the Max Payne series. As action games go, there is little in Stranglehold that you haven't seen before. Its lack of originality is forgivable though, when you consider that it is a successor to Hard Boiled, the Hong Kong action film that largely inspired the Max Payne series and many other games...

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Stranglehold is a third person shooter 0

Stranglehold attempts to remove itself from the pack as a new original ip in the world of 3rd person shooters. The game is directed by John Woo and includes such talents as Chow Yun-Fat. Even with these great names in theater this game has just enough flaws to keep it out of reach of becoming a "blockbuster" title. The game uses the typical run and gun gameplay. You use Tequila Time to slow down time and help yourself out of sticky situations. You can also use the left trigger to activate alter...

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Stranglehold 0

Stranglehold runs on every possible video game cliché that exists. Ok, maybe not every possible one but it comes very close. Stranglehold's storyline revolves around the theme of rescuing the damsel in distress which should be familiar with everyone unless you're a troglodyte. I'm not saying that the gaming experience was stale but I did yearn for more. Anyone will complete the game in less than a week as it lasts less than 10 hours. Stranglehold guides in the direction you need to at all times...

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A solid Max Payne-esque shooter with stylized action. 0

So pretty much, I summarized this game in the headline. Take the wealth of bullets, blood, and shooting third-person action of Max Payne and you can imagine what Stranglehold is like. It basically revolves around a cop (Chow) out to save a couple of hostages (his wife and some other girl). I didn't really pay much attention to the story, in fact I skipped it all, mainly because the action is so great and it just breaks the flow. Not to say the story is bad, though. Let me go over the basic cont...

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It's fun while it lasts. 0

Theres not much to say about this game, really. It's nothing especially new or special, but thats not to say it isn't fun - while it lasts anyway. It won't take you too long to plow through. Levels basically consist of running and gunning your way through rooms full of armed foes, looking to kill you right back - they also through in the occasional, simple enviromental puzzle that usually involves shooting an object to remove an obstacle or create a path to proceed. Theres not much substance i...

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Wow,a max payne clone. 0

John Woo's ''Stranglehold'' was not very enjoyable.Its an HUGE ripoff of max payne,i mean the moves and all is just Max payne....MAX FUCKING PAYNE! STORY: The story is about a guy named Tequila,a chinese agent on way to total max payne breakdown,hehe.The game begins in an explainatory Marketplace,yeah,a MARKETPLACE!,in Hong Kong.And then its about 13 levels or so. GAMEPLAY: The gameplay is pretty bad.The moves are too max payne,but good i guess,i like max payne so good i guess.and if you get sho...

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Bargain Bin Review: Stranglehold. 0

     Taking heavy inspiration from the Max Payne franchise, and a sequel to john Woo's "Hardboiled" (not to mention he also collaborated on the game), you'd think you could take one glance at Stranglehold, and know exactly what it's all about... wait you can. Stranglehold knows exactly what it is, and except for a few twists on the gameplay, doesn't bother to try and be different.    Chow Yun Fat provides both his voice, and likeness to the game in order to reprise his role as inspector Tequila,...

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A relic stuck between generations 0

I recently purchased and played two movie games from, Midway’s Stranglehold and Westwood’s Blade Runner. I would have loved to call them a “Good Old Double Feature”, but this first half is not appealing to me at all. Here is my review of John Woo Presents Stranglehold. 2007 was a great year for video game. More importantly, it was a big year for debuts in the sense of “Best Debut”, that Giantbomb Game of the Year category I miss so dearly. Bioshock us...

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An OK attempt at bringing Blockbuster action to our fingertips 0

Games and movies in general seem to be getting closer and closer every year with intially starting at distant cousins to sex-crazy lovers.Games being made too movies movies being made too games, it never really works as far as today with the James Bond Series of gaames the only real worth-while movie2game purchases but even they have been slipping a little.The story and atmospheres in games has also been reaching the hollywood standards recently with the Metal Gear Solid series as a prime exampl...

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If this game is not expansive then its worth it! 0

Game-play: I really liked the way this game was based on an actual movie called ''Hard Boiled'' and the missions in Stranglehold are varied and highly fun, It reminds me of the Matrix game because in Stranglehold you can slow down time and pull shooting moves while jumping on platforms and pushing yourself of walls, I personally think that the games cinematic and story line is very solid and the voice overs by the characters are very sophisticated to make it seem realistic, if you find this game...

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