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Wow,a max payne clone.

John Woo's ''Stranglehold'' was not very enjoyable.Its an HUGE ripoff of max payne,i mean the moves and all is just Max payne....MAX FUCKING PAYNE! 
The story is about a guy named Tequila,a chinese agent on way to total max payne breakdown,hehe.The game begins in an explainatory Marketplace,yeah,a MARKETPLACE!,in Hong Kong.And then its about 13 levels or so. 
The gameplay is pretty bad.The moves are too max payne,but good i guess,i like max payne so good i guess.and if you get shot 20 times or so,you are FUCKED.Thats right deadly FUCKED.Stranglehold is just not a completion. 
The graphics are pretty good.The zoom in mode,it looks pretty blury,in most games.....but i just dont like the graphics so much either.John Woo is just not a perfect guy on strategy and gaming.The moves are good though and Tequila time,when you have that on,ITS TIME FOR A MASSACRE! 
It sucks.Really bad.The music is bad,or wait,it doesn't have a hella soundtrack!The voice acting is fine,but the other sounds,nah ah. 
and that is my pretty short review of John Woo's Stranglehold,i hope you enjoyed.

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