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It's short, but it is fun.

This game is not perfect. It is short, sometimes very repetitive, and the multiplayer is not that good. But it IS fun. Through the approximate six to eight hours you can stretch this game out to, you will have a blast. Featuring a great opening level, players will be immersed in the game very quickly, but after awhile, they will realize that it is all more of the same. 

Sometimes repetition can be good, however, and the gameplay in general is very tight. Controls are wonderful, and very easy to pick up. The camera can sometimes can caught up in tight corners, but most of the time works well. Using Tequila Time is a lot of fun, and thankfully, the game automatically activates it when you jump and have an enemy in your crosshairs. The guns are also fun to use, but not that varied. You have dual pistols which are great, but then you have a sub-machine gun, an assault rifle and a shotgun. And that is it. You can count the bazooka as well, but when ever you obtain it (about 2 times) it only has about 2 rockets. The shotgun is my favorite, but for some reason you can only carry 12 shells at a time. It is fun, however, to slide on a cart in slow motion and shoot an enemy in the head with the shotgun and watch them fly back with a mist of blood into an object. By the way, the graphics are excellent, featuring great character models, and realistic environments and effects. The destructibility is amazing, and you can blow stuff up and watch foundations crumble in buildings after you throw a grenade. 

The gameplay can get very repetitive in its objectives, however, and when you have to blow up 5 sets of 10 drug tables you will wonder why the devs didn't throw a little variety in and had to go for repetition that would have been in a last-gen game, no matter how good the production values of this game.

This game is short and sweet. You will have fun, and you can play (most of) the levels at least once, but after that, there isn't much to do. A great rental.

Note: Perhaps my favorite feature of the weapons in this game is the zoomed sight you can do. You aim in slow-motion and can shoot any part of an enemy and watch the bullet make impact with the person. Try shooting in the groin area, and watch his eyes water and him fall to the ground. It is hilarious.

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