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Johnny  or as he is also known Nny is the main character in Johnny The Homicidal Maniac. He is considered to be a mass murderer who usually tortures his victims before he kills them and then drains them of their blood to be painted on his wall. He does it to keep something from getting out. Johnny usually kills people who have somehow  wronged him in the past but will also kill innocents as well.
In the series it is pretty well known that Johnny is paranoid and also delusional. At times he has tried to commit suicide but something always stops him from committing it.  For example: He wanted to kill himself but did not want to die alone so he shot and killed the cashier in a local gas station and planned on shooting himself next. It turned out that there was only one bullet in the gun. 
He tried dating a woman named Devi once and the date was going quite until his homicidal tendencies kicked in and he tried killing her with knives. He ultimately failed at killing Devi when she proceeded to kick the living stuffing out of him. He also lives next to a married couple with a child name Squee. Johnny likes to think he is good friends with Squee when in reality Squee is terrified of him because he saw him kill two different people. 
Johnny also goes by the name of NNY. He says it is pronounced the same as the word knee. 

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