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    JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle R

    Game » consists of 7 releases. Released Sep 01, 2022

    An upgraded version of 2013's JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle

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    The following characters are playable in the game.

    Part 1: Phantom Blood

    Character NameFighting Style
    Jonathan JoestarHamon
    Will A. ZeppeliHamon
    Robert E.O. SpeedwagonOgre Street
    Dio BrandoVampire

    Part 2: Battle Tendency

    Character NameFighting Style
    Joseph JoestarHamon
    Caesar Anthonio ZeppeliHamon
    Lisa LisaHamon
    Rudol von Stroheim (DLC)Best Science in the World

    Part 3: Stardust Crusaders

    Character NameStand Name
    Jotaro KujoStar Platinum
    Noriaki KakyoinHierophant Green
    Old Joseph JoestarHermit Purple (& Hamon style)
    Jean Pierre PolnareffSilver Chariot
    Muhammad AvdolMagician's Red
    IggyThe Fool
    Hol HorseEmperor
    Pet ShopHorus
    Vanilla IceCream
    DIOThe World

    Part 4: Diamond is Unbreakable

    Character NameStand Name
    Josuke HigashikataCrazy Diamond
    Koichi HiroseEchoes (Acts 1, 2, and 3)
    Okuyasu NijimuraThe Hand
    Jotaro KujoStar Platinum The World
    Yukako YamagishiLove Deluxe
    Rohan KishibeHeaven's Door
    Shigekiyo YanguHarvest
    Keicho Nijimura (DLC)Bad Company
    Akira OtoishiRed Hot Chili Pepper
    Yoshikage KiraKiller Queen (Sheer Heart Attack)
    Kosaku KawajiriKiller Queen (Bites the Dust & Stray Cat)

    Part 5: Golden Wind (Vento Aureo)

    Character NameStand Name
    Giorno GiovannaGold Experience & Gold Experience Requiem
    Bruno BucciaratiSticky Fingers
    Guido MistaSex Pistols
    Narancia GhirgaAerosmith
    Pannacotta FugoPurple Haze
    Leone Abbacchio (DLC)Moody Blues
    Trish UnaSpice Girl
    Prosciutto & PesciThe Grateful Dead & Beach Boy
    GhiaccioWhite Album
    Risotto Nero (DLC)Metallica
    DiavoloKing Crimson

    Part 6: Stone Ocean

    Character NameStand Name
    Jolyne KujoStone Free
    Ermes CostelloKiss
    Narciso AnasuiDiver Down
    Weather Report (Free)Weather Report
    F.F.Foo Fighters
    Enrico PucciWhitesnake
    Enrico Pucci (Final) (Free)Whitesnake, C-Moon & Made in Heaven

    Part 7: Steel Ball Run

    Character NameStand Name
    Johnny JoestarTusk (Acts 1, 2, 3, and 4)
    Gyro ZeppeliBall Breaker
    Diego BrandoScary Monsters
    Funny ValentineDirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (D4C)
    Diego Brando from Parallel World (DLC)The World

    Part 8: JoJolion

    Character NameStand Name
    Josuke HigashikataSoft & Wet
    ToruWonder of U


    Character NameFighting Style
    Ikuro HashizawaBaoh Armed Phenomenon Style

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