New Gameplay Footage, Round Robin style

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New video out from the developers with actual gameplay this time. Mostly CPU characters battling each other in round robin format, but it reveals some game mechanics like stage hazards, super moves, and what appears to be some kind of taunt that can drain the enemy's meter.

Also, I never knew how many people in Jojo's had lethal finger guns until now. Clearly I need to watch more of that show.

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It looks slow. Like, at first I thought it was running in slow-motion. Some of the later battles are better but it's kind of hard for it to get exciting with AI playing.

Also I rooted for Johnny in the first set and Ceasar in the second.

Pretty lucky as they both won all of their mathes.

Still hoping it'll be fun to play.

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@dochaus said:

Also, I never knew how many people in Jojo's had lethal finger guns until now. Clearly I need to watch more of that show.

Johnny (the paralyzed horserider, protagonist of Part 7) can spin and shoot his fingernails, after which they regrow (can be hastened by drinking a special herb tea). Araki named his series "Bizarre" for a reason and he damn well makes sure it lives up to it.

About the video, showing the game off by having CPU characters fight each other is a bad decision. I'm already sold on the game hard, but it's something that could make any on-the-fence buyers apprehensive. I bet the game is a lot different when actual people are playing it.

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Watching dumb fighting game a.i.'s kind of just soullessly flop around is really frustrating. Spamming specials is not interesting looking at all. The stage hazards and situations look pretty spectacular. I'm more interested in seeing more of those than I am seeing more of these demo videos. The stages themselves look great as do the super attacks. I imagine it could get obnoxious maneuvering around the 3D space for things like picking up the holy corpse parts or setting up Hol Horse's puddle trap.


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