JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

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    The update to JoJo's Venture, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is a 2D fighting game based off of the hit Japanese manga series of the same name (famous for over-the-top violence, an intricate plot, and numerous Western rock music references).

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    JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (known in Japan as JoJo no Kimyouna Bouken: Miraie no Isan, translated to JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Heritage for the Future) is a 2D fighting game developed and released by Capcom for arcades on September 13, 1999. Based on the manga of the same name (more specifically the Stardust Crusaders arc), JoJo's Bizarre Adventure stars Jotaro Kujo, a Japanese teenager who must use his bizarre supernatural powers (known as the "Stand") to travel from Asia to Egypt and defeat an ancestral enemy to his family, the vampire Dio Brando. The game is an updated version of JoJo's Venture (released a year prior), adding eight new playable characters.

    The game was later released on the Dreamcast (including the original JoJo's Venture as a bonus) on October 31, 1999 and the PlayStation (featuring an exclusive "Super Story Mode") on March 31, 2000. A high-definition port of the game (by CyberConnect2) was later released for the Xbox 360 (via Xbox Live Arcade) and PlayStation 3 (via PlayStation Network) on August 21, 2012.

    JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is the last of the six games released for the short-lived CPS-3 hardware (which include JoJo's Venture, Red Earth, and the Street Fighter III trilogy).


    The story follows the adventures of a Japanese teenager Jotaro Kujo, who, after developing the bizarre supernatural abilities known as the "Stand" and learning from his grandfather Joseph Joestar of its relation with their bloodline and with the ancestral enemy of his family, the vampire Dio Brando, embarks on a quest to defeat Dio and save his mother, whose life is threatened as she's been unable to control the power of her own newly-manifested stand.

    In the process, Jotaro is joined by allies such as Noriaki Kakyoin, Mohammad Avdol, Jean Pierre Polnareff, and the stand using dog, Iggy. Jotaro and friends all decide to travel to Egypt to confront Dio in one final battle. However, they get delayed constantly by Dio's assassin's, as his ties to the Joestar bloodline enable him to sense them coming. When they eventually make it to Egypt, they face many problems, including Kakyoin's injury. When the group confronts Dio's, they are shocked by his unique, and immense powers. Dio assaults Avdol along with his 2nd in command, Vanilla Ice, who murders him using his stand. Finally, Dio faces Jotaro in a final battle, but not before killing Kakyoin, who returned to help them defeat Dio. Dio also sucked the blood out of Joseph, becoming incredibly strong in the process. Once Jotaro finally defeats him, he, his grandfather, and the other survivors of the group return to find that Jotaro's mother is recovering.

    Stand System

    Stands serve as an alternate attack mode or attacks alongside the character. Most characters can switch between Normal and Stand modes. Characters who has Stand mode will have a small blue gauge that represents the Stand's durability. It will regenerate during Normal mode. Certain specials and supers can only be executed in either mode.

    In Normal mode, the character's normal attacks are not combo-able. Characters are allowed to use dodge roll. Using a special or super attack will summon the Stand that will act independent of the character's movement and briefly execute a lesser version of the attack. Also, the character will receive chip damage while blocking.

    In Stand mode, the character's normal attacks are combo-able. Characters are not allowed to use dodge roll. Special attacks are enhanced but the Stand cannot act independent of the character. The character will not receive chip damage from blocking and it will instead be transferred to the Stand's durability. Most characters are allowed to double-jump during Stand mode. The character will have a larger hit box during Stand mode and can be hit by high attacks even while crouching.

    The Stand will receive durability damage if directly attacked or when absorbing chip damage. When the Stand is attacked directly, the character will also suffer that amount in damage. Once durability is depleted, the Stand will disappear and the character will suffer Guard Break and an extended hitstun. Certain attacks can also deplete the entire durability gauge in one hit.

    There is also an ability dubbed "Tandem" attack. Using 1 power bar, the Stand can be commanded to execute a series of attacks while the player is free to act. Also, certain characters allow the player to take direct control of the Stand and it can move way from the character. On the downside, the character will be left completely vulnerable to attacks.



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