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    Jolee Bindo

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    Wry "Yoda-like" character from Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, who maintains a balance between the light and dark sides of the Force.

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    Jolee Bindo is a member of your party in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic that you meet on the forest floor of Kashyyk. He is a stranded Force-user living in the extremely dangerous, sunless bottom of Kashyyk after his ship crashed there years before. He helps the character navigate Kashyyk and find another star map.

    Jolee is in many ways one of the more complex characters in the Star Wars universe, and his role lends itself to the game's central conflict of the role of the Light and Dark Sides in the Force and how the struggle to maintain either can drive Jedis to either extreme and to disastrous outcomes. Jolee considers himself ex-Jedi, having fallen out with the Jedi due to his and his wife's role in the war of Exar Kun. Now, instead of forcing himself to remain on the path of righteousness, he deliberately strikes a balance between the Light Side and the Dark Side, believing that the third option of Balance could unite all Force-users. 
    Jolee's backstory can be elicited through repeated attempts at conversation during the game. Despite Jolee having turned his back on the Jedi order, he has strong Force powers and joins your party both to get off Kashyyk and to see how the whole saga turns out. Jolee's long experience in the Jedi Order and the war of Exar Kun have given him a cynical, darkly humorous outlook that is almost whimsical in its view of human tragedy and triumph. As per his dedication to the concept of Balance, Jolee sees the Force in shades of grey. In his view, too strict a following of either path can, and most often will, lead to disaster.
    Jolee never actually became more than than a Padawan due to his many clashes with the Jedi Council, in particular his marriage to Nayama, and teaching her the ways of the Force. Jolee ultimately left the Jedi Order after their decision not to punish his failure to stop Nayama after her fall to the Dark Side during the war with Exar Kun.

    Jolee is in the game portrayed as an older man, given to telling long stories and not enjoying questions when he gets going. His stories are funny or darkly funny but invariably have lessons for the main character about the nature of the Force, destiny, and the unexpected consequences of actions and decisions.
    Although Jolee does not share an interest in a specific side of the force he knows where to draw the line. He takes action against your character if you decide to pursue the title of Revan again with Bastila..


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