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    Jolly Roger's Lagoon

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    In Jolly Roger's Lagoon, you'll be able to enjoy the air on land, and the sights underwater.

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    Jolly Roger's Lagoon is the fourth main level in Banjo-Tooie. The name comes from tavern proprietor Jolly Roger, a rather upbeat frog (most of the time). It is a quaint little town set on the water. That is only the surface of the level though, and once you dive beneath the waves, you find an aquatic world filled with wonder. On land the music seems befitting of a seaside adventure. Underwater it is mellow and wondrous, adding to your adventure, of Jolly Roger's Lagoon.

    Points of Interest

    On land

    Jolly's Tavern - A small tavern with a few rooms. There's also a crack in his wall, seen from the inside. Jolly seems down on his luck. His partner has gone missing, and this grubby mole has dug a hole in one of his rooms....

    Pawno's Emporium - 'Ol Pawno is a bit of a con-artist, but you'll need to fork over some doubloons if you want what he's selling.

    Blubber's Waveracer Hire - A waveracer shop, run by an old friend who's down on his luck.

    Toxic Pool - Around back of Jolly's Tavern, there's the local kiddie pool. It's cold and dangerous though, as evidenced by the pig with three arms. What could be the cause?


    UFO - Some aliens must have crash landed in the lagoon. Maybe they need help getting home?

    Atlantis - The hub of the underwater section. It branches off into many parts including:
    Electric Eels Lair, Ancient Swimming Baths, Sunken Ship, Temple of the Fishes - All of these are connected to Atlantis and have various things to do inside of them.

    Seaweed Sanctum - Also connected to Atlantis. Inside of here is Locker's Cavern, and a high pressure area for fun and games. There's also this big fish with some huge teeth...

    Characters and Crossovers

    Mumbo Jumbo

    - Mumbo only has one pad to work with in this level, but his spell to Oxygenate the water is vital to your exploration. Once he does that, there's no fear of running out of bubbles.

    Humba Wumba

    - Humba's hut is in a secluded part of the Atlantis complex. She transforms you into a submarine. The sonic boom and torpedo attacks are powerful against anything. It can also travel into the furthest depths of the lagoon, something the bear and the bird can't do.


    - There are 3 new moves in this level, with one unlocking some big secrets
    Wing Whack - A Kazooie-only attack, used to defend herself when Banjo's not around.
    Sub-aqua Egg Aiming - Aim and shoot eggs underwater, simple as that.
    Talon Torpedo - This will help you with many of the game's secrets. When you're underwater, pressing Z will detach Kazooie and let her swim around at breakneck speeds. This is used to smash boulders/obstacles with Kazooie's head on them.

    Jolly Roger

    - Owner of the Tavern, and namesake of the level. He's a tall frog. He's down in the dumps, as his partner has gone missing

    Merry Maggie

    - Jolly's partner in the tavern. She's gone missing, though the water may hold some answers...


    - A turtle with an offspring problem. Maybe Kazooie can give her some help with her eggs...


    Sailor Grublin - Slashing at you with their sword, these pirates typically reside on land, though they are found in the belly of the big fish.
    Blubbul - These giant creatures stay in one spot. Get too close and the tentacles will sting you, so just peg it once in the eye and you're golden.
    Octopus - These creatures block the way in many passages. They slow down when hit with some freezing temperatures...
    Puftup - These fish seem harmless and unassuming at first, but get too close and they'll puff up huge and spike you.
    Piranhas - These fish like to snap at you. They're more interested in pork though...
    Electric Eels - They pack a charge, but are usually avoided unless you dare to get too close.
    Minjo - These guys look exactly like Jinjo's, but they have a mean streak. They don't want to be sent back home, so send them to their graves.
    Spinning Seaweed Pot - Who knew it had a mind of its own? Watch out for those tentacles.

    Boss - Lord Woo Fak Fak

    Lord Woo Fak Fak - Self-Important Anglerfish
    Lord Woo Fak Fak - Self-Important Anglerfish

    The boss of Jolly Roger's Lagoon lives in a small, cramped locker. He is offended by Banjo and Kazooie's attempt to infiltrate his home, and thus decides to deal with them. Watch out for the beams and balls he'll shoot at you, and check out his sides. Every now and then his boils will light up like a sign...


    To Grunty Industries - Through the water pipe. You'll need to bill drill the top. Maybe that's where all that sewage has been coming from...
    To Glitter Gulch Mine - Through the water supply pipe. It's got Kazooie's face on it. I wonder where it leads...

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