Jon Arbuckle

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    The hapless human who shares a home with Garfield the cat.

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    Personal Life

    Jonathan Q. Arbuckle was born in Indiana, USA to Dad and Mom Arbuckle July 28th 1950, he has a younger brother named Doc Boy that they grew up in their own farm.

    As years has passed on. Jon moved into his own home as he took Garfield and Odie into hospitality where he becomes Garfield's owner. He is a full-time cartoonist that he creates his own drawings will to impress his boss, however he is very clumsy and not very intelligent as Garfield as Jon proves to be unlucky with women when it comes to dating, often gets abused and tormented by his cat Garfield like he eats his food and plays pranks on him and normally gets negelected by anyone sometimes.

    Despite of that Jon being the slapstick of this show, he generally cares for his cat Garfield and dog Odie as he has his rights to discipline them at times whenever Garfield is punished (a.k.a sending Nermal to Abu Dhabi) for getting into trouble and he shares his love interest and gets into a relationship with the Veternarian Dr. Liz Wilson in some episodes.


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