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    Jonathan Archer

    Character » appears in 3 games

    Captain of the NX-01 Enterprise, a hundred years prior to the construction of the NCC-1701.

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    Jonathan Archer was Captain of the NX-01 Enterprise.

    Following humanity's invention and tests of the Warp Drive technology(which Jonathan and his father, Henry, played no small part), and with careful monitoring by the Vulcan race, the Enterprise is commissioned on a peaceful mission of science, exploration and diplomacy.

    In the game, Star Trek: Legacy, Jonathan Archer is the first of the five Captains to encounter the vulcan T'Uerell; the game's antagonist. Archer rescues T'Uerell from a Romulan attack. Turell then convinces Archer to escort her to a research station, where she fears her colleagues are in danger of Romulan attack. Under this pretense, Arhcer is tricked into protecting T'Uerell while she collects her research and escapes, neglecting to save the people on the station as it explodes.

    The game then continues on through the other Captains of the Star Trek franchise, where it is learned that T'Uerell's master-plan is to create a Vulcan/Borg uber-species. In her megalomania, T'Uerell believes that this species will be purest in logic and the purging of emotion.


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