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    Jonathan Chey

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    Is an Australian game developer who would co-found Irrational Games and Irrational Canberra.

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    In 1997 Jonathan Chey, Robert Fermier and Ken Levine, three employees from Looking Glass left to form Irrational Games and shipped their first title; System Shock 2 in 1999.

    In 1999 Chey returned back to Australia and help open Irrational Canberra. When both Irrational studios were acquired by 2K Games, both studios were renames, 2K Boston for Irrational and 2K Australia for Irrational Canberra.

    Chey stayed at 2K Australia up until the studio merged with 2K Marin, Chey wanting to make a card themed, turned based strategy game, but knowing 2K would unlikely help fund and develop the game, Chey left with some other Irrational veterans to develop Card Hunter, and in the process funded a new studio; Blue Manchu.


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