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    Jorge-052 is a member of Noble Team from Halo: Reach and a Class-I Spartan-II. He works in Commander Carter's group of Spartans, answering to the call sign Noble Five.

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    Contrary to the spelling, which generally indicates a name pronounced "hor-hay", Jorge's name is pronounced the same as "George". Military bio follows.

    JORGE - 052

    Chief Warrant Officer

    • (P)MOS: SO
    • Enlistment Date: CLASSIFIED
    • Location: CLASSIFIED
    • Gender: M
    • Birthplace: PÁLHÁZA, REACH
    • Birth Date: 05/03/2511

    SERVICE #: S-052

    PERFORMANCE: Career soldier - but then all the Spartans are, aren’t they; inspires confidence in those around him - he is a combat multiplier! Rock solid; almost thirty years in the saddle and shows no signs of breaking or slowing; easygoing for someone from the class of ’25; need to keep an eye on him around XXX as he tends to be pretty free with his opinions.

    COMMENTS: Vocal in his support of provincial self-rule; just as vocal in his condemnation of the separatist and insurrectionist movements. Only member of the team that has seen as much action, if not more, against human militants as Covenant forces. Very difficult to read. ((NOTE: never play cards with JORGE.)) While the vast majority of SPARTAN-IIs choose not to customize their MJOLNIR armour in any way, leaving it in the default smooth green configuration, Jorge has chosen to do otherwise, likely due in part to the long period of time spent as part of a team of SPARTAN-IIIs, who typically chose to make their armour unique in some way.

    Role in Halo: Reach

    Jorge may seem like a big tough Spartan, but he has a heart of gold. He's the tank of the group, usually paired up with Noble Six to go on assignments. He also speaks Hungarian which seems to be the taken language of the people of Reach, as he was born on the planet.

    It was helpful when dealing with local rebels until the covenant killed them.

    Jorge's greatest moment comes when Noble Team decides to blow up a massive Covenant mega cruiser with a slipstream bomb. After successfully building the bomb, Jorge and Noble Six get onto the cruiser and after a fight, plant the bomb. Unfortunately, there's a problem: the detonator has been damaged, and the only way to set off the "explosion" will be for someone to stay behind and activate it manually. Before Six has time to protest, Jorge hands him his own dog tags, lifts him up by the neck, and throws him into space and back down to Reach. He then completes the mission and blows up the ship. Sadly this was all for nothing as dozens of other cruisers arrive shortly after his death. The other Spartans of Noble Team almost seem jealous of the way Jorge went out, commenting on the satisfaction he must have felt, believing he was sacrificing his life to save the planet.

    Jorge is voiced by Hakeem Kae Kazim in the game.


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