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Joseph Turok
Joseph Turok
Josepth Turok started as a member of Wolf Pack, a splinter of the military trained by General Roland Kane in the art of black ops. A close relationship grew between teacher and student, Turok turned into Kane's best pupil but made sure he would always be one in charge.   After completing a mission to clear a village, Turok realized he had murder innocent people, a young girl dieing in his arms.  Kane grew with power, selling biological weapons and Turok deserted the pack, joining the Earth military forces.

Joseph Turok joins up with Whiskey Company on a mission to capture Kane.  Shot down, the Whiskey Company's ship crash lands on the mysterious planet where they realize biological dinosaurs are being created.  Now Turok and the surviving members of Whiskey Company must survive the savage reptiles that roam the jungle and capture Kane, dead or alive.


Turok is a Kiowa Indian, one of the most feared Indian Tribes in North America when settlers first arrived.   Turok doesn't seem to care of his past blood but as Kane teaches him the art of black ops, Kane makes Turok realize that inside of him is a fierce warrior history.  in the end, Turok doesn't believe his lineage was of murder, but of honor and finally accepts what he is.

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