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Josette is the protagonist of Wonder Project J2: Koruro no Mori no Josette. She is a gijin, or android, created by Gepetto, who falls ill at the game's beginning. On his deathbed, Gepetto states his desire for Josette to live a full and happy life, and leaves her in the care of the player, who can interact with Josette through Bird, a little robotic bird. However, Josette is so naive to the ways of the world that when Gepetto dies, she's unable to understand what has happened.

With the player's aid, Josette learns to take care of herself, perform various chorse and tasks, and interact with others. Over time, she also learns human emotions such as joy, anger and sadness. If she manages to learn enough, she'll become capable of saving her new home of Blueland from a gijin invasion.

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