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Early Life

Joshua Lee Holloway was born in San Jose, California in the US on the 20th of July 1969 by Scottish parents. He was born in the region in California that later got called Silicon Valley, and at age two his family moved to the Blue Ridge Mountains in Georgia. Holloway has three brothers, him being the second boy, and one sister. Joshua went to school at Free Home Elementary and Cherokee High School, then went on to attend University of Georgia. He quit the university after just one year, though, to try and pursuit the career as a model. His interest for movies started early, he developed an interest for movies at a very young age.

His Professional Career

Josh Holloway as Ajay
Josh Holloway as Ajay
Holloway had a pretty successful modeling career until he got bitten by the acting bug, as many models do, and moved to Los Angeles. He initially got smaller roles, like playing a purse thief in Aerosmith: Cryin'  in 1993. He also landed roles in Dr. Benny, "Walker, Texas Ranger" , Sabretooth and "Good Girls Don't..." just to name a few.

He got recognition for his roles, and in 2004 he got picked up by ABC to star in Lost (created by J.J. Abrahams, Damon Lindelof and Jeffrey Lieber) as James "Sawyer" Ford. Lost was the show that propelled him to celebrity status. Spending huge amounts of time filming LOST, he found himself forced to turn down a role in a western movie with Brad Pitt, and the role of Gambit in X-Men 4. Even though his schedule was hectic, he still found a way to star in the thriller Whisper from 2007. Another role he accepted was the role of Ajay, Nods intelligence officer and Kane's advisor, from Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars. This role featured Holloway acting in front of a camera, in true oldschool Command & Conquer fashion, together with Joseph D. Kucan as Kane, Tricia Helfer as Kilian Qatar, as well as the rest of the cast in the game.

Personal Life

Right after shooting the Lost pilot in Oahu back in 2004, Holloway and his longtime girlfriend Yessica Kumala got married.


- Was a model before becoming an actor.
- One of his first jobs included picking up dead chickens on a farm.
- Has loved movies since the age of three, his favorite being The Shining.
- He is of Dutch and Scottish heritage.
- Is close friends with Lost co-star Evangeline Lilly.


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